What Does It Mean When A Married Man Kisses You?

This is a very uncomfortable situation for a lot of women. It leaves them confused no matter if it seems an innocent kiss with no further connotations.

When a married man kisses another woman who is not his wife, he may cross a line because that’s an intimate terrain. And there are different reactions based on his marital status.

In this analysis, we’re going to give you a general idea, and we’ll also get into the specifics regarding different types of kisses based on possible intentions.

What does it mean when a married man kisses you?

In general, it means that he feels confident enough to take the liberty to express kindness in such a way, knowing that you won’t reject his kiss or display an unfavorable reaction afterward due to any misunderstanding.

Does it also mean that he’s into something else?

It’s inevitable not to think about it. The intention behind the kiss also matters as well as the intensity he puts on it. These are factors that reveal how much he is into you.

What does it mean when a married man kisses you multiple times?

First of all, if he kisses you multiple times, it means that you welcome his advances, and possibly are open to something more. No woman accepts multiple kisses from a married maneven if they both are good friends – unless she approves them.

Why not?

Because he’s married. And also because both of you are friends. And taking that relationship to another level means that you won’t go back.

And if something goes wrong – you will be entering into an extramarital relationship – the friendship will be over.

There are cases, of course, when two friends end up falling in love with each other. But that rarely has a happy ending when one of them is already married.

So, if a married man wants to kiss you multiple times, you better stop him. You’re not the female entertainer at a wild bachelor party. Remind him that he has a wife, and tell him that you don’t want to destroy the friendship.

What does it mean when a married man kisses you on the lips?

In this case, it’s pretty clear what his intentions are. No man dares to kiss another woman on the lips just for friendship or kindness. It’s an expression of the desire.

The real question is what you’re going to do about it.

If you like him, you have to keep in mind that he’s married. And whatever you do will carry consequences.

Getting kissed on the lips and welcoming it can bring you lots of trouble. He might insist based on the fact that you probably like him. But you must resist it. Also, what can you expect from someone who is kissing a woman on the lips other than his wife?

Exceptions aside, but what are the chances that he could not do the same with other women?

You have to think wisely and not get yourself carried away by your emotions.

What does it mean when a married man kisses you on the cheek?

A kiss on the cheek is commonly considered a friendly gesture. There might be attraction, but simply at that moment it does not mean anything romantic, but a true show of affection.

Therefore, there’s no direct indication that if you are kissed on the cheek, you’re being seduced or a man, single or married, wants to have something romantic with you.

Of course, nothing can say that something might occur in the future. Some men will try to kiss you on the cheek as the first step to see if you are accepted. From that moment on, they will try to get closer and kiss you again to see how far they can get.

It’s just trying out while they come out with a strategy to get to you.

What does it mean when a married man kisses you on the head?

This is more like a protection gesture. It’s just like you’re being blessed. This is a common kiss received from a father, mother, or sibling.

However, a kiss like this between a couple has love connotations as well. A kiss on the head shows true love and admiration from the other person.

And if a married man kisses you on the head, he either blesses you or admires you in a special and healthy way.

Signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

Of course, a kiss (friendly) from a married man doesn’t necessarily imply other connotations. There are cultures where people greet each other with a kiss even if they’re just meeting for the first time.

So, to be sure that a married man is really sexually attracted to you or just falling in love with you, I have laid out the following signs. Please read them carefully!

1. Be alone with you

He always looks for ways to be alone with you. If there are people around, he may seem anxious and worried. The desire to be with you can make him commit stupid mistakes.

Depending on who this man is, the strategies he may employ vary. If he’s your boss, he can request you several times to go to his office on the pretext of work.

If he is just your friend, he will ask you to meet him in some place away from work and home. He needs to be alone with you for two reasons:

  1. He needs space along with you to express his feelings.
  2. Since he married, he doesn’t want anyone else around when he’s flirting with you.

When you’re with him, look at his body language, where his eyes go, and of course, pay attention to the content of the conversation.

He could say that he’s starting to have new feelings, even suggesting in a way that he loves you. This could be implied not said directly out of fear of rejection.

2. He’s always around

This man is married even though he’s still there trying to get your attention.

Why does he do something like that?

Clearly, because he has feelings for you. He lets himself be carried away by his emotions and looks for you no matter where you are.

If you notice that you encounter him everywhere – even if it’s by chance – he might try to alter his routine and put off whatever he’s doing to accompany you.

He wants to see you more and extend the time he spends with you. This is a clear sign that his emotions for you are strong.

3. Inquire about your private life

There are always limits a faithful married man doesn’t cross. He brings up topics such as family, tastes, and hobbies. but if he tries to know every specific detail about your life is because he’s into you.

He wants to collect all that information and use it to get to you. It’s a pretty basic planning to scheme the best strategy to surprise you. His goal is to provoke positive feelings. It’s a way to seduce you to eventually make you want to sleep with him.

4. Ask constantly for your love life

Generally, a married man doesn’t ask about the love life of another woman. He should not be interested in that subject even if you’re a close friend. He might show concern if he sees you emotionally down, but he won’t ask for the specifics.

However, when he asks you if you have a boyfriend or are dating someone, especially when you’re alone with him, it means that he’s been thinking of you. So, notice if he feels somehow obsessed with knowing the details of that private part of your life.

He’s interested to know about your feelings for other guys. This method of inquiry allows him to know where he stands at the moment, and what chances he has.

Pay careful attention if he insists on knowing more. That would tell you that he’s thinking about you in a romantic or sexual way.

5. Pay Attention to his body language

Check out if he tries to get close to you when you’re both speaking. Pay careful attention to how he moves onto you. If he’s surrounded by other people, he may stand straight, with a proud stance to impress you.

When he’s alone with you, he can change his posture. He may try to lean on a wall very close to you to demonstrate he’s relaxed. If he’s an experienced man, he would try to hide this behavior. He will be very subtle.

6. Check out his eyes

Look at his eyes and see if they meet yours for a long time. A married man knows what he wants, so he would not break eye contact.

Sometimes this is just incidental. He can’t control it. Emotions run deep and take him along the way.

If you’re not convinced, watch this video that shows how eye contact and attraction are linked.

7. He tries to make you smile

This is an obvious sign. Any man, married or single, would try to make a woman smile. That’s because of the simple fact he wants her to like him.

When the jokes turn a little personal, you would not doubt that not only he is coming to you, but also the purpose of his jokes is to make you laugh.

8. Compliment your outfit

He will always be complimenting you on the clothes you wear. You could be wearing something common like an old sweater, and he would still comment something nice. He then would try to make you believe that your clothes match your hairstyle or makeup.

These comments don’t only show that he’s aware of your appearance, but also he telling you that he’s looking at you and wants you to know how pleased he is.

9. He doesn’t mention he’s married

Though you know that, he tries to avoid saying he’s married. He even avoids anything related to his marriage. And if the conversation turns to his wife at some point, he would try to swift it right away. Sometimes the purpose is to elude guilt, but other times is to prevent scaring you off.

There are moments where he mentions her, but he does it for a reason. He may tell you how bad his marriage goes to appeal to your heart. This is a strategy some married men use.

It’s up to you if you get yourself fooled by it.

10. He texts you with no reason

Texting is another way of captivating women. And he will find any excuse to text you. He also can text you at not very decent hours, just asking how you are.

If he is your boss, he will text you about things unrelated to work. He can text you about personal stuff and would try to tell you things more intimate about him.

11. He gives you gifts

If he directly gives you something, he’s outright showing his interest. Sometimes he would try to mask it and justify it with some silly excuse in order not to be so obvious.

He then will expect to use what he gives you as the confirmation to proceed with more advances.

Is it okay to accept his advances?

No. He’s married. But to tell you it’s not okay doesn’t mean that you will follow. If this question comes to your mind, it means that you like the man whether you admit it or not.

But, how do you want to be perceived?

A moral woman would refrain from herself just like a faithful married man resisting a beautiful woman. She would fight against her desires and urges because this would not only involve two people (you and him). It will also involve others: wife, children, and family members.

So, think carefully about it before getting carried away by desire. And don’t think for a second that good love can come into life from a triangle affair among a married man, his wife and another woman.

FAQs about married men coming on to you

If you still need more reinforcement, here are other related questions women facing this situation have.

Should I regret having allowed a married guy to kiss me?

If he got you by surprise, there’s no need to feel bad. You didn’t make any moves. He did it! But if there was a chance to reject his kiss, and you allowed it, it means that you like him, and wanted him to kiss you.

If you feel bad, it’s just your conscious scolding you. If not, you need to check on your principles. An honest woman, even if she likes a married man, would feel terrible if she failed to resist his advances.

How do you tell he loves you by his kiss?

It’s simple: the type of the kiss. If he tries to kiss you on the lips or near them, he’s definitely attracted to you. Another telltale sign is that he closes his eyes while doing it.

If it’s just a friendly kiss, he would kiss you on the cheek or forehead without looking intensively into your eyes.

Is it possible that I could misunderstand his kiss?

Sure. That’s a possibility to consider. You don’t have to rush to a conclusion without taking the time to analyze all the facts.

Sometimes, women can get the wrong impression. It happens! But if he shows all the signs I’ve already pointed out, there’s a great chance that he harbors a romantic or sexual desire.


I know what may go around in your mind when a married kisses you. It is inevitable not to think that it could mean something else. But depending on the kiss, we can figure it out:

  • Kiss on the lips: Strictly romantic.
  • Kiss on the cheek: Mostly friendly but can carry romantic connotations.
  • Kiss on the head: Protective or admiration gesture.
  • Kissed multiple times: It means you want it too.

Also, review and keep in mind the signs we showed you. If he displays one or some of them, he’s definitely into you.

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