When A Married Man Says He Misses You

You probably don’t know how to process when a married man says he misses you. It’s an emotional moment regardless of your feelings towards him.

This is a confession you may not expect, and it’s difficult to handle it. You don’t know what to do and what to think!

It is very understandable to feel confused. You have this married man in front of you, or text you and he tells you that he misses you. Some women can manage this situation better than others. But since you’re here, we’re going to help you get through it.

So, in this article, you will first know about all the implications of his confession and learn how to identify if he harbors romantic feelings for you.

What does it mean when a married man says he misses you

It essentially means that he misses spending time with you. The connotation is different depending on different factors. In this case, he probably has developed romantic feelings towards you.

However, there are exceptions. Not all married men fall in love with the people they miss. A married man can love somebody else – not romantically – but the origin of the sad feelings is varied. We’re going to delve into that in a moment.

So, what does it mean?

It means that whether a married man has feelings for another woman or not, he has connected with another person. He liked it and welcomed it.

The reach of such a connection varies and depends on the emotional attachment of each individual.

Here are other things a man, regardless of marital status, can say when he is emotionally attached:

Why do some married individuals miss other people?

As stated, there are different factors at play. Let’s review some of the underlying reasons:


Sometimes you share things with people that you don’t share with anybody else. And this can happen to anyone no matter their marital status.

A married person can share a hobby or activity with a close friend that he doesn’t share with his spouse. And this is perfectly normal because we all have different tastes.


When you share something with another person, then that person goes away, you cannot easily fill the void left in your heart with another one.

Missed opportunity

You may have regrets. Something that could happen because you never took the chance. This occurs when you have feelings for the other person, and keep them hidden.

Unsatisfied life

Even when you’re married, you still feel empty. It’s easy to get lost when you go through this stage. And when someone appears in your life, providing what currently lack in your life, you cannot help but create an attachment with that person.


People share experiences that leave a mark on them. So it’s common to feel nostalgic when you go over the events in the past and the people you met.

Again, missing someone doesn’t imply that you have developed romantic feelings for another person than your spouse. Keep in mind that we’re individuals full of sentiments that, even without knowing, we tend to create bonds.

How to know if a married man misses you

Now, we’re going to tap on the romantic aspect, and point out 9 signs that tell you if a married man misses you:

1. You’re in his mind

He constantly brings up your name during conversations. Even among friends when irrelevant topics are discussed, he always finds a way to mention you.

2. Anxious

He may become anxious by your absence. And the anxiety will just increase as time goes by without seeing you.

3. Keep contact

You may be not around, but he will try to reach you either by calling or texting you. If those channels are not available, he will try to make contact through your social profiles.

4. Jealousy

If someone else mentions you or shows interest in you, he may turn angry and ask the other person why he mentions your name.

5. Withdrawn

When he’s surrounded by other people – including his wife – he can walk out and cancel everything that distracts him from thinking of you.

6. Distant

He exhibits less interest in his wife and children even when there are other people around.

7. Change

He can change his physical appearance to one that you like with the hopes that pleases you.

8. Sadness

He unconsciously displays sadness in front of other people when you’re not around.

9. Physical contact

He could create obvious opportunities to have a chance to be close to you.

Is it ethical to pursue a relationship with someone outside of a marriage?

Absolutely no. Even texting him about romantic themes is inappropriate. But extramarital affairs happen. And they will continue happening. We’re humans, which means, we’re easily tempted to fall for it.

So, whatever you decide, just think about the consequences before venturing into it. You must know that other people around you can also be affected, such as your children and family members.

Although the decision is yours alone, you should not selfishly think only about your pleasure. You have to think about the implications of your actions and all the consequences that they can bring to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Potential risks of pursuing a relationship with someone outside of marriage

You have to be very careful if you want to get involved with another person. The consequences can be irreparable.


This is the backbone of a marriage. And when it’s lost, it can be very difficult to repair. Even if you decide to stay together, trust will not be the same as it was before.

Family circle

When you get involved with another person, the consequences do not fall solely on you and your partner. Also, your loved ones are affected by the extramarital relationship which can cause a meltdown in the family circle.


Affairs are not well received in society. You can say it’s hypocritical because many who judge affairs have done it anyway. But you have to understand that what’s done in the shadows serves the purpose of the hypocrite.

So, when an affair becomes public, it’s easy for people to come in and judge you. And since the judgment is based on facts, you cannot deny it, and you have ultimately swallowed everything that comes next.

Future problems

Adultery not only can cause divorce, but it can also hurt your chances for child custody. In some jurisdictions, there are strict laws that hammer harshly against the adulterer.

Financial issues

Adultery completely affects your life when it becomes public. It doesn’t only damage your reputation, it can also damage your finances. Opportunities are shut down, and you could even lose your job.

Health problems

Another factor you should take into account before having an affair is the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection. There are risks even if you use protection.


Can missing someone outside of a marriage be a temporary feeling?

Yes. Sometimes people attach to others when they share time like in a work environment. It creates a sentiment of belonging to a family. And when someone goes away, it can affect for a certain time.

But it can be temporary because other people can fill that void. In this life, people come and go. It’s natural!

Can missing someone outside of a marriage be a sign of larger issues in the marriage?

Of course. Sometimes when you miss someone outside of marriage means that you’re not receiving from your spouse what the other person was providing.

Is it possible to miss someone without acting on those feelings?

Yes. You’re able to keep those feelings to yourself. You can hide them through a mask and even focus on other activities like work to keep your mind busy so that you can spare the pain that eventually results in missing someone.

Does a guy love you if he says he misses you?

There’s a great percentage that he does. But you have to consider some factors. Are you close to one another? Has he ever approached you in a certain way?

These are important queries you need to ask yourself before reaching a definite conclusion.

Is saying I miss you the same as I love you?

Not at all. Though it might be in several cases, missing someone also implies missing the warm human company the other person provided. When you get along well with somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in love with that person.


Though he’s sad you’re absent, it doesn’t imply that he loves you. There’s a chance that he’s developed romantic feelings, but there are other things that you have to consider:

  • Experience.
  • Connection.
  • Opportunities.
  • Boring life at home.
  • Melancholy.

Whatever the reason may be, don’t be too quick to conclude that he loves you. You need more evidence. Remember to check the signals that we have highlighted. And remember, if he misses you, it’s because you have left a good impression about yourself on him.

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