Talking To An Ex After Months

talking to an ex after months

Talking to an ex after months can be frustrating for many people. Unresolved past issues and resentment make it very hard to handle, specially if you have plans of getting back together in the future. The idea of having a conversation, get your topics out and discuss them without the fear of being misunderstood is … Read more

I Want My Ex Back But She Doesn’t Want Me

I want my ex back but she doesnt want me

You desperately want ex back. You realized that you still love her, but the problem is that she doesn’t want to come back. This scenario is common among couples that for some reason split up. Some people, even though they want to fix things to give themselves another chance, quit so easily, deterring the possibility … Read more

My Broken Heart Is Killing Me

my broken heart is killing me

People give it different names: broken heart, heartbreak or heartache. But despite the variety of names given to this emotional hurtful situation, the feeling is the same. You’re in pain and it’s literally killing you. But no pain lasts forever, that’s for sure. In this article, we’re going to help you out by giving you … Read more