Signs A Woman Is Attracted To A Married Man

signs a woman is attracted to a married man

How many times have you asked yourself if a woman, knowing you’re married, is attracted to you? It happens to all men. Some are outspoken about it while others prefer to keep it to themselves. But the feeling of curiosity is the same. And whether you’re attracted to her or not, you still want to … Read more

Accidentally Fell In Love With A Married Man

accidentally fell in love with a married man

It’s wonderful when you suddenly find a man, develop romantic feelings, and end up loving him. But that bliss turns into a pain when you come to your senses and face the reality that this man is already taken. You probably didn’t plan to fall in love, but it just happened. Confusion and anxiety overwhelm … Read more

When A Married Man Says He Misses You

when a married man says he misses you

You probably don’t know how to process when a married man says he misses you. It’s an emotional moment regardless of your feelings towards him. This is a confession you may not expect, and it’s difficult to handle it. You don’t know what to do and what to think! It is very understandable to feel … Read more

What Does It Mean When A Married Man Says He Loves You?

what does it mean when a married man says he loves you

It’s understandable to feel uncomfortable when a married man says that he loves you. He’s married, and you know that will cause trouble. Even more, if you feel something for this man, your emotional response might get out of control and make you get carried away without stopping to think about the consequences. There are … Read more

Is It Ok to Text a Married Man?

is it ok to text a married man

There’s this belief that it’s somehow forbidden to text a married man, especially if you’re a single woman. It makes some women doubt and they refrain from doing it because they think it can be misunderstood. In this article, we’re not only going to clarify how true this is, but also we’re going to let … Read more

My Husband Won’t Share His Location With Me

my husband won't share his location with me

Many women become suspicious when their husbands don’t share their location. Some of them even don’t understand why their spouses refuse to say where they are most of the time. This creates even more suspicions and doubts which easily trigger jealousy. The fear of cheating comes up to your head, poisoning your reasoning. Here’s when … Read more

Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Has A Wife?

why does he text me everyday if he has a wife

This usually happens. You get to know a married man and suddenly he starts texting you every day. This person could be a coworker or a friend. It doesn’t matter. You’re receiving texts every single day. You want to know what it means, right? Of course, lots of ideas come up to your head. You … Read more

Why Would A Married Man Stare At You?

why would a married man stare at you

It can be intriguing when you suddenly notice that a man stares at you, especially if he’s married. It probably makes you feel uncomfortable when this married man keeps on staring at you. Several ideas might cross your mind. And you don’t know what to believe. The most common reaction is to think that he’s … Read more

Married Man Likes Me But Avoids Me

married man likes me but avoids me

When someone married likes you – because you’ve noticed clear signs – but suddenly he ignores you. And as the days go by, he distances himself. Then you ask yourself why he’s gone cold on me if he likes me! This is more common than you think. Not all men throw themselves to women like … Read more