What Does It Mean When a Woman Winks At You?

Sometimes when a woman wink at you, you don’t know what it means. You may feel flattered but also confused. A lot of things can go around in your head, especially if you like this woman.

Is she telling you something with that wink? Or is it just a friendly and unintentional gesture?

What a dilemma, right!!!

But don’t worry. You’re in the right place. We’ll describe in detail what a woman tries to convey according to specific situations. With this, you’ll know how to interpret her wink.

What does it mean when a woman winks at you?

It means that she generally likes you within her perception. She feels fine to be around you, to talk to you, to treat you and to share with you. And all these things, regardless of what her intentions may be, produce in her a comfortable sensation to express herself in such a way.

Naturally, there are different contexts attached to it. Even if a gesture like a wink denotes empathy and sympathy, not all winks carry the same meaning. There are diverse intentions behind it.

For example, when a female coworker winks at you while you’re both tenderly gazing at each other, she could be romantically interested in you. But it could also mean another thing if she does it during a staff meeting.

Why will a woman wink at you?

Despite of what can be believed that a woman winking at a man only implies that she’s interested in him, we have to consider several situations to avoid misunderstanding.

Here are some of the reasons behind a woman’s wink:

1. Flirting

There’s a chance that if a woman winks at you, she likes you. And winking is a form of flirting to express such feelings.

However, you cannot rush into conclusions with proven facts. Some indicators could tell you if she’s flirting; and therefore, interested in you.

The most common indicators are:

  • Keep the gaze: She maintains her gaze at you for some extra moments after winking.
  • Smile: She can show a very nice smile and even a little nervous.
  • Sigh and blush: She signs out of emotions (a mixture of feelings of happiness and shame).
  • Touch her hair: She touches and plays with her hair.
  • Shyness: she can show shyness seconds after she winks.

If you want to get deeper into flirting, Anthropologist Jean Smith, explains the science behind it:

2. Agreement

Some women wink when they agree with someone in a conversation. This is a natural body gesture many people display no matter the gender.

3. Tease

She could wink at you while teasing you to encourage a reaction or response. Winking, in this case, is used by her to put you in the specific state or mood she expects to.

4. Jest

A woman can wink at you when she’s joking. She’s in a good mood, and winking is her form of expression even without realizing it.

5. Friendship

If you have a good close female friend, she can wink at you in some random moments as a sign of friendship. It’s a warm gesture among friends that denotes empathy and care. It’s also a gesture of compassion or solidarity.

6. Non-verbal communication

Sometimes, women and also men show non-verbal communication gestures instead of speaking. For instance, she can wink instead of saying hello. A woman can also wink at you during a conversation or a meet-up as an emotional reaction caused by joy, nervousness, surprise, or fear.

7. Lying

By winking, she wants to let you know that she’s lying. This is preceded by a context of which you are already aware of.

How to react when a girl winks at you

The response depends on what you feel about this woman. As explained, there are several reasons why a woman can wink at you. You must respond according to the specific situation.

In this segment, we’re going to focus on how to respond in case she has a romantic interest and you want to correspond.

Smile back

Women usually smile while winking to show their interest. Do the same thing to let her know that you like the gesture and are open to her flirting. At that moment, she will know that you also like her.

Talk to her

You can approach her and try to start a conversation. Seize the moment! Star with a comment (not related to the wink). If you can’t at the moment, do it later. But don’t wait too long. Don’t let things cool off.

Don’t take away your sight

For no reason, take your eyes off her. If you do it, she’ll think you’re rejecting her. Women after winking tend to gazing at the man for a brief moment. Let your eyes connect wither hers.

Don’t run away

If you run away and walk off from the place you both are after she winks, she could think that you won’t like her. This is the opposite effect that you would like to cause, isn’t it?

So, remain there. If you need to go somewhere else, just wait a moment before you do. Transmit her with your presence that her wink wasn’t welcomed.

Wink back

You can wink back at her. Not at the same time (that will look awkward). But if you both have a moment later, for instance, during some conversation, wink at her at the expense of a joke or a kinky comment.

Types of women who wink at men

The types of women who wink at men are not strictly correlated with what their intentions are. So, the following input should not be considered as a rule of thumb. Context always dictates the true meaning of each situation.

So, with types described below, always consider the context before judging:

  • Single women: they are available and can wink at the men they feel attracted to.
  • Promiscuous women: the women in this group are open to getting into numerous relationships so in a way it’s part of their seductive tricks.
  • Outgoing women: it’s easy and natural for confident women to express themselves with gestures
  • Shy women: Some shy women can show these kinds of gestures without even knowing it. It is something spontaneous product of your emotions.


This topic generates a lot of talk among people. It’s usual to discuss with close friends to know their opinions. And as such, other questions and doubts may arise. For that reason, we’re going to answer some of the common queries related to this topic.

Is wink smile flirting?

Yes, but also consider the context. A woman can wink and smile at you to express attraction, but there’s room for other considerations. So, Never

Should I wink to my crush?

Yes, you won’t lose anything. You have a lot to win if she welcomes it. Somehow, you have to know if your crush likes you too. And winking is one of the ways to confirm it.

Why is winking seductive?

Because it’s a body language that is very suggestive. And when it is combined with other face gesture, it creates a more seductive effect. This is very noticeable in the femininity of a woman.

What happens if I mistake the meaning of a wink?

You will feel embarrassed and a little hurt to find it out late. That’s why it’s important to confirm the intention behind the wink. But if you mistake it, don’t worry too much. Give yourself some time to process it, and know that you’re not the only one who has made that mistake.

Should I proceed to coming on to her if her wink is a flirt?

Yes, but do it naturally, step by step. Don’t think for a moment that she’s open to getting into a relationship right away. Be determined but not pushy. Approach her and seize every opportunity to start a conversation.


Mostly, women use winking as a way of flirting. But context is essential to understand what’s behind a wink to know how to proceed.

To help you confirm the intention, consider the different reasons behind a wink:

  • Flirting.
  • Agreement.
  • Tease.
  • Jest.
  • Friendship.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Lying.

Also, consider who’s winking at you. This is very important to know what to expect after you welcome the wink, and decide to act afterwards.

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