How Often Should Your Husband Go Out With Friends?

how often should your husband go out with friends

It’s normal to wonder how acceptable it is to let your partner go out with his friends regularly. This reflection commonly happens in married couples as the commitment is stronger. And since you’re here, it stands to reason that you’re somehow worried about the number of times your husband decides to go out with his … Read more

Should I Let My Husband Travel Alone?

He’s traveling alone, and you’re feeling uncomfortable. This is a common situation wives face because they don’t know how to deal with it. And since you’re here now, the thought of banning his travel has crossed your mind. So, should you really let him travel alone? What consequences could this move bring? it is somehow … Read more

My Husband Won’t Travel With Me

my husband won't travel with me

When your husband won’t travel with you, the thought that comes to your head and overwhelms you is that he is moving away from you. However, you should not despair. There are reasons that lead him to refuse to travel with you. We’re not only going to review the most usual reasons, but we’re also … Read more

My Husband Won’t Share His Location With Me

my husband won't share his location with me

Many women become suspicious when their husbands don’t share their location. Some of them even don’t understand why their spouses refuse to say where they are most of the time. This creates even more suspicions and doubts which easily trigger jealousy. The fear of cheating comes up to your head, poisoning your reasoning. Here’s when … Read more

My Husband Doesn’t Enjoy My Company

my husband doesn't enjoy my company

It’s normal that after the honeymoon phase, the fire in the marriage wanes. The romantic aspect progressively dissolves as time goes by, and everything becomes more routine. However, it’s not so normal when your husband doesn’t enjoy your company anymore. He can show either indifference or annoyance. And it happens for a reason. My husband … Read more