Signs A Woman Is Attracted To A Married Man

How many times have you asked yourself if a woman, knowing you’re married, is attracted to you? It happens to all men. Some are outspoken about it while others prefer to keep it to themselves.

But the feeling of curiosity is the same. And whether you’re attracted to her or not, you still want to be certain of what she feels about you.

So, we’re going to help you out by listing 30 clear signs a woman unintentionally gives out when she has feelings for a married man.

30 Clear signs a woman is attracted to a married man

What we’re going to list and explain are not merely signs, they’re sure-shots and unquestionable signs that tell you almost instantly if a woman, either single or married, is attracted to a married man.

1. Eye contact

This is the most obvious sign. A woman who stares at you feels attraction, even when she takes away her gaze out of shame when you glance at her from time to time.

2. Smile at you constantly

When she smiles or laughs each time you tell a joke or tell a funny story indicates that there’s attraction behind her smile.

3. Encourage proximity

She will create opportunities to get close to you. Sometimes, it will be obvious when she forces it. She could even use the help of a friend to set up the situation.

4. Physical contact

Pay attention to subtle touching on the arm, back, or shoulder. They may look involuntary, but it’s an impulse driven by her desire.

5. Curiosity about your life

She will ask personal questions. And as the conversation deepens, she will bring up topics about your life, including details to know more about you.

6. Compliments

She won’t miss any opportunity to compliment you. That could be your looks, qualities, intelligence, and charm.

7. Innitiate and extend conversations

Pay close attention if she always initiates the conversation and brings up several topics with the sole intention of prolonging it. This is a clear indication that she wants to spend a great deal of time by your side.

8. Details from previous encounters

You’ll be surprised to see that she will remember tiny details from previous conversations. She will even bring up the most trivial details. That means that every talk you have with her leaves an impact.

9. Teasing

She could start teasing or bantering when you least expect it. That’s her emotions leaking. She will have a hard time managing them.

10. Reach out through different means

Besides texting and calling, you could find her sending messages to your social media profiles. She could DM you with friend requests in new platforms you join in.

11. Listen carefully

Pay attention to her body language when you are talking to her. While she carefully listens to you, she will nod, maintain eye contact, and respond nicely to your statements.

12. Shared hobbies and interests

Notice if she tries to find something in common with you such as hobbies or activities. She will focus on them to create a certain kind of bond with you.

13. Social events

Seeking opportunities to encounter you in social events is a clear indication that she wants to spend time with you. The activities are her excuse!

14. Flirting

She will mask it as much as she can. But she will start flirting with you through some gestures like winking. She will probably tell jokes or drop suggestive comments.

15. Improving appearance

Notice if she makes changes to look more attractive than the previous time she was with you.

16. Nervous and anxious

Look for some gestures such as: fidgeting, blushing, or avoiding eye contact. These are shy gestures. If she’s somehow nervous when you’re around, she likes you.

17. Feeling jealous

She may become upset when she sees you approaching and talking to other women. This sign is sometimes obvious because that burst of emotion is uncontrollable when it comes out at that precise moment.

18. Trust you with personal information

She could open up and talk to you about her private life. She intends that you know her deeply so that you can find something that attracts you to her.

19. Find you charming

While you don’t have Elvis’s charms, she will laugh a lot at your jokes and be impressed by your stories. You are ‘her Elvis’.

20. Copy some of your body movements

Some women go to the extreme that they will mimic some of your gestures. Her goal is to create chemistry by finding something in common.

21. Ask for your guidance

She wants to let you know that she appreciates your advice. And it’s also a good opportunity to be around you.

22. Request more of your time

She could make some things up to drag you where she is. The primary reason is to spend more time together.

23. Inviting gestures

Check out her body language. Look for specific details such as uncrossed arms, facing towards you, and leaning in during conversations.

24. Inquiring about your marriage’s life

She inquires about your private affairs with your spouse, showing unusual interest.

25. Help and support

She lets you know that you can reach out to her whenever you have a problem no matter the nature.

26. More advances every day

She progressively starts getting closer, taking more risks each time. She could hold your hands if you’re feeling down or hug you when she encounters you.

27. Tease you

She teases you about your marital status, making you feel that you’re missing something else.

28. Engage with you through social media

Don’t be surprised when she leaves spicy comments in your social publications.

29. Change her schedule

She reschedules most of his day-to-day to make herself available to you. She will prioritize your time over hers.

30. Be the first to offer help

Any time you have a problem, she will come rushing to offer you support.

Why is it important to know all these signs?

There are several reasons why it’s important to spot the signs and act responsibly.

Some of them are:

  • Recognize: Being aware of these signs can help you understand better the intentions of people around you.
  • Good communication: they facilitate open and clear communication once the intention is spotted.
  • Set boundaries: once you know she’s attracted to you, you can establish boundaries to maintain respect.
  • Internal growth: you learn a lot about your maturity by exploring your desires and emotions.
  • Relationship health: it tests your relationship with your wife to see how strong the bond is.
  • Moral test: it also tests your values and how faithful you are.

By knowing these signs, act with ethics and respect. Think for a moment about the other person. Consider that you are the source of the attraction.

What to do after confirming she’s attracted to you

To know how to proceed is crucial. You have this woman who has a clear interest. Probably her heart is developing romantic feelings (don’t leave that out). So, you have to move carefully.

To help you out, consider these useful steps:

Reflect on your life

Think about your morals and how much you value your marital relationship. You should think about your wife and the future. Always keep in mind about the consequences of an extramarital relationship.

Observe and evaluate

Assess the situation and all the individuals involved. That includes you, the woman who is attracted to you, and your spouse who trust you.

Communicate frankly

Whatever you decide, you have to state clearly the boundaries and the nature of the interactions between you and the other person.

Consider seeking help

If you think this situation is too hard to manage it yourself, look for guidance through counseling or talk to a real friend that has your best interest at heart.

Make informed decisions

Don’t make any reckless moves. Either you respond to her advances or stay faithful to your spouse, keep in mind the possible consequences of your actions.

To have some insights about making good decisions, take a look at the educational video below:


A woman can’t help feeling attraction towards a man no matter his marital status. It just happens. And from there, a lot of questions and doubts normally arise. So, below we’re going to answer some of the common ones.

Are these signs a sure thing to assess a woman’s interest?

These signs are based on several interactions among people, especially those who are attracted to a married man. When you notice those signs, you will know that she’s interested.

Will I have problems in marriage if another woman is attracted to me?

No, if you’re faithful. Your wife cannot blame you if another woman likes you. Another thing is that you correspond to her advances. That’s a different story!

What kind of women attract married men?

Single young women are the favorites. Their youth, vitality, and charm not only seduce married men, they also make them remember a time when they were single.

What makes a married man flirt?

Flirting varies from person to person. When a married man starts flirting, there are some factors involved which include: lack of fulfillment, emotional or physical disconnect, attention-seeking, boosting self-esteem, lack of boundaries, and so on.

Will I wrongly interpret the signs?

The signs are clear when a woman is attracted to a married man. There could be confusion, but when it happens, it’s on the side of the receptor that mistakes the signals and comes to a wrong conclusion.


Knowing if a woman is attracted to a married man is useful not because you plan to correspond to her advances, but because you will know how to react when you are with her.

You probably don’t want to harm her feelings by reacting and responding rudely. That’s why it’s important to know the signs and confirm her interest.

After confirming, be sure to:

  • Reflect on your life.
  • Observe and evaluate.
  • Communicate frankly.
  • Consider seeking help.
  • Make informed decisions.

Bookmark this page to review the signs and related information when you need it. Meeting someone who is attracted to you and doesn’t care about your marital status is common. What is important is to know how to respond to this situation.

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