Should A Married Man Go Out With Single Friends?

It is inevitable not to feel invaded by doubt when you see your husband go out with his friends. It is an uncomfortable feeling that persists throughout the time he is with them.

But it does not have to be like that. There are ways to overcome such anguish and better understand the situation which is very common in a marriage.

For this reason, we are going to cover other relationships that happen outside of marriage and why it is important not only for him but also for you.

Should a married man go out with single friends?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong if a married man wants to spend time with his friends whether they’re single or married. Any man has the freedom to go out and share what he loves with friends. It’s an essential part of any healthy relationship.

If a marriage is destined to succeed, it needs to have a healthy environment free of mistrust, jealousy, manipulation, threats, and intolerance.

For a man to feel good he needs to have friends, spend time, and have fun with them. This is something that some women do not understand. They immediately think they’re going to be cheated on the first chance they get. They prohibit them from going to bachelor parties, meeting with old friends, and anything if their women are not present.

Something fundamental about marriage is trust. If you feel that you still do not trust your man, you must admit that you have a problem. And that problem not only lies in jealousy due to immaturity. It could have different ramifications.

One is that your man may have a history of cheating before you met him. And that might influence your reasoning. If that is the case, you probably rushed to marry before sorting out how your life together would be.

But whatever the reason for the mistrust, you both need to sit down and talk it out. It is imperative to have clear communication about what is bothering you. If there isn’t any communication, the only thing that will be achieved is that distrust will grow which will undoubtedly worsen the situation.

Importance of spending time with friends

When a man gets married, it doesn’t mean he has to abandon his friends. He can make certain changes in his life, probably putting aside bad influences. But that doesn’t mean he must isolate himself in his marriage.

For the marriage to be a healthy union, each individual needs his own time and space outside of the marriage circle.

If a married man is forced or manipulated by his wife to leave his friends, she will just push him away, creating resentment, and turning the marriage into a toxic environment.

Know that hanging out with friends can be useful to release stress. It gives you joy by doing things with your pals, and at the of the day, it makes you wish to get home to relax with your wife.

So, if you’re a man and are reading this, know that coexistence in marriage can be sometimes hard. There will be moments when both of you will start getting tired of seeing each other at every minute, especially when you have been married for many years. Sharing with friends can provide a fresh atmosphere that energizes you, resulting in improving your relationship with your spouse.

That’s why it’s really important to spend time with other people. As long as you remain loyal to your wife, hanging out with friends is very therapeutic not only to release stress but also to feel alive and active.

As for women, imagine for a moment how you would feel if your man prohibited you from going out and spending time with your best friends. You will probably get mad too!

It’s understandable to feel anxious when you see him going out with other people. It’s an emotional fracture because you may want to connect with him more. In the video below there are great points specifically covering this matter.

To sum it up, be more flexible. If you married him is because you trust him as well as he trusts you. Let him have fun with his buddies and embrace the idea that a man should never lose his essence of individuality.

What to do when my husband hangs out with his single friends

We understand that you could feel a little uncomfortable when you see your husband hanging out with his single friends. Even if you’re able to manage it most of the time, there’s still that irksome sensation that seems to never go away. You probably think that since his friends are single, they could in a way influence him to cheat on you.

To help you successfully handle those irritating moments, here are some useful tips:

Remain calm

First of all, don’t overact. If negative thoughts try to raid your head, throw them away. Those are mostly lies because they are run by emotions. You must discard them all since they’re irrational. Their only intention is to cast doubts.

Once they are out, you can ask your husband where he’s going with his friends. That’s perfectly okay. But don’t sound imposing. That will just cause an awkward situation. Know that he’s not a kid. He’s an adult that needs his time and space.

Just show interest in his plans. It would look like that you care that he has a wonderful time with his pals.

Fill your head with positive thoughts

If you’re having a hard time discarding your negative thoughts, just replace them with positive ones. Think about why he chose you over other women. That’s not an incidental decision. There’s something valuable he sees in you. Keep that in mind.

Get together with your friends

When he goes out with his pals, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends as well. There are probably things that you may like to do that only involve women. This has some benefits like boosting your self-esteem and gaining a little independence. And when he gets back, you will see that both of you start to enjoy more quality time.

Have quality time

Make sure to enjoy the time you spend with your spouse. Those are special moments that strengthen the relationship and solidify trust. It’s going to help you with your trust issues.

Time for meditation

You can take this opportunity to spend time alone with yourself. It’s been proven that at some moments all human beings need isolation. All of us require time and space to be in contact with our selves. That makes us discover new things about us that may have gone unnoticed.

It’s very productive to disconnect from time to time with the people around you to reconnect with yourself. It can help reinforce the relationship as a couple.

Strengthen the trust

The hardest thing about trust is letting the other person be. That’s the crucial step… if he hasn’t given you any tangible reason to doubt him, you must get your fears under control. When you pass this test, and realize that you have just survived, those fears will disappear.

Improve couple communication

When something bothers you, don’t keep it to yourself. Express it cordially. Let him know about your doubts and fears. It’s not recommended to keep what’s torturing you hidden. He can’t read your mind. And hints are not good. Avoid misunderstandings that can create fights and facilitate conflict resolution.

What is an inappropriate friendship in a marriage?

Inappropriate friendship occurs when the boundaries are broken. It creates chaos in a marriage because it harms trust and intimacy between spouses.

We understand your feelings. You’re afraid that he can meet another woman through his friends and jeopardize your relationship. All women think that way even when some don’t admit it.

To give you a general idea, here are some examples of what is considered inappropriate from a spouse’s point of view:

  • Share details about his intimacy: When a husband shares details about what happens in the bedroom with a friend, it creates an emotional rupture.
  • Too much time and attention: if a husband starts spending more time with a friend than with his spouse, he will neglect his marital commitments, bringing jealousy into the equation.
  • Absolute secrecy: It becomes suspicious when a husband starts keeping secret all his communications with a friend. This implies that he has something to hide.
  • Flirt: it’s obvious that flirting with a friend is inappropriate. And it will surely damage your marriage.
  • Overly dependent: When he becomes too dependent on a particular friend, always looking for her guidance and advice, it will weaken the connection with his spouse and harm the marital bond.
  • Prioritize his friends: There is nothing more clear that leads to resentment within a relationship than spending excessive time with a friend, so much so that the friend ends up being a priority over the spouse.

Know that all marriages are not the same. What is considered inappropriate for one, is not for another. What is important is clear communication and understanding.

When my husband cares about friends more than me

This is a crucial moment. Though all couples go through the same problems, you must take this matter seriously. You cannot wait too long. Open and honest communication is paramount for a healthy marriage.

You need to tell him about your feelings and concerns. And you have to listen to him and understand why he spends time with his friends more often than with you.

Understanding what he feels will give you an overview to resolve the problem and will provide a perfect balance between spending time together as a couple and nurturing individual friendships.

To help you communicate productively, take note of the following tips:

  • Choose a private safe place.
  • Don’t blame or criticize.
  • Don’t interrupt and listen carefully.
  • Treat him with kindness, don’t use derogatory language or name-calling.
  • Speak out and state clearly your needs.
  • Be empathetic and collaborative.
  • Always remain open-minded and avoid becoming defensive.
  • Find common grounds in areas to reach an agreement.
  • Pause the conversation if it turns heated.
  • Be willing to negotiate. The important thing is to find solutions.
  • Look for a mediator (counselor) if private communication fails.

7 Reasons your husband chooses his friends over you

Some common denominators make a husband choose his friends over you. When it’s starting to happen you must act fast. To confirm his preference for his friends, review the following reasons to understand better how to approach this situation:

1. Social bonding and understanding

Normally, friends provide a different environment that encourages camaraderie and a sense of belonging. This sometimes is absent especially during a marital crisis. Among friends, he can receive the ideal support he’s not getting at home.

2. Interests and hobbies

Regularly, men have different tastes and hobbies that their spouses don’t participate in. And when they do, they don’t enjoy them.

Friends, on the other hand, engage in these activities with passion and glee. That makes your husband enjoy his hobbies more.

3. Emotional support

One of the best sides of having a close group of friends is that he can consult with them when he has a problem. They don’t only give him emotional support and relate to what he’s going through, but they can also provide a different perspective.

4. Old friendships

He had a life before meeting you. That means he already has close friends with whom he has shared wonderful moments. Some of his relationships may go back to his childhood. That’s a strong bond that will continue during all his stages of life.

5. Relaxation

Certainly, hanging out with friends is a stress reliever. It provides relaxation away from the usual demands of a romantic relationship.

Being in a romantic relationship has its pros. It’s a wonderful experience, but it also has bad moments because it can be tiresome. There are responsibilities in a marriage, and as time goes by, the pressure builds up, which can become a trigger that can cause problems in the long run.

6. Independence

As in any healthy relationship, each partner must have their independence in terms of time and space. And friendships provide an ideal space outside of marriage for him to retain his individuality.

7. Disconnect

There are times when your husband, for some reason, loses interest. He starts feeling disconnected, hardly enjoying your presence. That’s when you have to look carefully and assess your relationship.


Should married men hang out with female friends?

Yes. Though it’s not usual, married men can hang out with groups of friends integrated by some women. As long as nothing inappropriate happens, it’s totally fine.

Should a married man seek his spouse’s approval or input when choosing his friends?

No. A wife should never tell his spouse which friends he should choose. That’s interfering with his individuality and it’s disrespectful. If that happens she will dominate him, and that’s not good for a healthy relationship.

Is it important for a married man to have separate friend circles from his spouse?

Yes, it is. It makes him enjoy quality time when he’s with his wife. Having a separate group of friends circles is essential to break the routine at home. It’s also a stress reliever, which can improve the marriage.

What qualities should a married man look for in his friends?

The most important qualities are loyalty, support during good and bad times, consideration, empathy, understanding, emotional strength, ethics and moral values.

Is it healthy for a married man to have a best friend who is not his spouse?

It’s not only healthy, it’s convenient. As a man, you need someone within your gender to understand your needs and concerns. He can give you an objective perspective to assess your life.


As stated, a man needs to enjoy his individuality with his friends. And his spouse has to understand that such space and time outside of marriage can improve the relationship.

And if that is hard for you to handle and comprehend, we advise you to follow our tips:

  • Stay calm.
  • Nurture your head with positive thoughts.
  • Spend time with your friends.
  • Reinforce trust through quality time with your spouse.
  • Use the opportunity to relax and be alone with yourself.
  • Don’t let doubt undermine trust.
  • Improve communication with your husband.

These are essential tips that fortify the marital bond. Remember not to act recklessly. Control your emotions. And if there’s no reason to have doubts, so then there’s no reason not to trust him.

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