Should A Married Man Go To A Bachelor Party?

One of the most terrifying things a wife faces is trust his husband. And this is put to the test when the married man decides to go to a bachelor party.

So, how can a woman handle this situation? Should she let him go?

After answering the question, we’ll take you by the hand and explain how to deal with it. Pay close attention!

Should a married man go to a bachelor party?

If there is trust between a husband and his wife, there’s nothing to worry about. Even if it’s a wild bachelor party with strippers, a married man who is deeply in love with his woman will not succumb to cheating on his wife.

Now, what if you, as the wife, have doubts? Do you want to know what this REALLY means?

It’s not the company or even his friends perhaps motivating him to cheat on you that you worry about. It’s your husband’s will! The fear that he can give in to temptation, that he cannot resist a beautiful woman is what drives you nuts. That might entail that your marriage is built on weak grounds.

But if not, it is just your imagination that plays with the idea of cheating. And if you let it drag you down, you may end up making a lot of mistakes.

Things you should not do

As stated, there are things that you definitely should not do. Understandably, you start to feel a little anxious knowing he’s parting with his friends, but you must refrain from overacting.

Here are 5 things you should avoid:

1. Constantly dialing or texting

There’s nothing worse than not letting him enjoy the moment by texting him all the time. He will feel obligated to answer you and will not be able to stay with his friends.

And this will only provoke him to eventually put down his phone and you will start to have ideas in your head. A message or two in the evening is enough to wish him to have a good time. So, to recap:

  • 2 text messages – maximum.
  • 1 call if necessary.

2. Don’t forbid him to spend time with his friends

Men like to spend time with their friends. The point of having a bachelor party is to share moments with them. Of course, we know that women are afraid that their men could invite other women. But an essential part of a relationship is trust.

Also, no matter how hard you forbid him from going to Las Vegas or to another place to celebrate that one of his friends is getting married, the only thing you will achieve is to make him angry and upset. And remember that it doesn’t matter if he decides to leave the city or go somewhere for the weekend, if he plans to betray you, he will do it anywhere.

Remember that it only takes a few minutes to make a mistake and unnecessarily throw away your marriage. So, just as you have a right to have fun, he does too. You don’t want to be barred from throwing a farewell party with a friend!

3. Threats

There’s no bigger mistake than constantly threatening your partner that you’ll “do the same thing” if he does something you don’t like. He’s not going to fall in love with another woman. He’s just going to a party.

If you threaten him, this will only show your insecurities. Also, revenge and threats are never good in a marriage because they are the start of a toxic relationship.

4. Talk bad about his friends

Just as you don’t like hearing bad things about your friends, your fiancé won’t take gladly if you complain that some of his friends are bad influences (even if you’re right).

But let him decide to cut ties with certain friends if he sees that some of them are “bad influences.” But don’t get in the middle. It would be an endless and futile struggle.

Columnist Elizabeth Bernstein, based on a study encompassing 16 years of data and sampling 355 newlywed couples, published an article in the Wall Street Journal, where she claimed that hating your spouse’s friends can strain and hurt your marriage.

5. Do not ask for the party details

Don’t interrogate him. If you ask him what he was doing, where the party took place, whether they’ve been approached by other women, even if he tried to kiss another woman, these kinds of questions will only get you two things: he will lie to you to any possible friction, or he will tell you something that can be annoying and upset you for the rest of your life.

Why did he lie to you if he didn’t do anything wrong?

Men sense this from women:

  • When women don’t show their true mood.
  • Men know your mind has ideas. So he will prefer not to feed them with something that can be easily misunderstood.

So, under no circumstance question him! Whether he did something wrong or not. The past has already passed and it’s time to enjoy your future with a man you trust, love, and respect.

Causes of marriage break up

Lack of trust is among the motives of marriage break up. However, it’s not near the top ones. The survey results below clearly demonstrate this:

top divorce reasons
Data curated from

As you can see, lack of trust though an important factor for healthy relationships doesn’t constitute the primary reason for separation. So, don’t diminish trust with unfunded ideas because it can lead to many problems that can really jeopardize the stability of your marriage.


This is a sensible topic for many women. It can cause them headaches. Doubts flood your head and your mind makes you think that your soulmate may actually cheat on you.

So, to clear some doubts you probably have, we’re going to answer some related questions.

Should I let my husband go to Vegas for a bachelor’s party?

As Steve Harvey said in one of his shows when asked for advice for a coming bachelor’s party in Las Vegas. “Las Vegas is a city of sin and debauchery.” But really, you should not worry. Not all the bachelor’s parties in Las Vegas end up like the hangover movie.

Do many men cheat during their bachelor party?

This is a question that can draw an unreliable answer because those who cheat practically never confess it. However, a British survey was conducted that said that one-third of all groom-to-be cheat at their bachelor parties. But as said, it’s very hard to assert how many of all attendees (married men) actually cheat.

What do men actually do at Bachelor parties?

That depends on the organizers. Believe it or not, not all bachelor parties involved strippers. Some involved just a gathering with close friends in their preferred bar.

Would it be wrong of me to ask my fiancé to not have strippers?

No, it is actually expected from a man’s point to view to be asked that question by his wife or girlfriend. But if you find out there had been strippers, don’t rush to blame him. Perhaps some of their friends hired them, and he didn’t know.

Can a married man go to a bachelor party?

Being married doesn’t take away free will. As long as you don’t do anything that dishonors the sanctity of your marriage, you have the right to go to a bachelor party.


So, to recap, can or should a married man go to a bachelor party?

Sure. If he truly loves his wife, he will not cheat on her. Trust is the core of marriage!

If you’re a woman and are reading this, just make sure to follow through the don’ts we’ve pointed out:

  • Do not flood his phone with texts and calls.
  • Do not prohibit him from being with his friends.
  • Do not make threats.
  • Do not talk bad about his friends.
  • Do not interfere with the party.

As for the man, remind her that marriage is not just a signed paper. Instead, it is a commitment to be faithful to one another. And tell her that you take it very seriously.

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