Can A Married Man Live With A Divorced Woman?

This has happened before. And most certainly it will continue happening. But is it correct? How is it viewed in the public eye? These and other questions will be answered.

But first, let’s going to state if it’s okay to do it.

Can a married man live with a divorced woman?

No. A married man cannot live in a relationship with a divorced woman. If he does, he may face legal action. His wife can take him to court for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Nevertheless, you cannot take a married man to court for adultery. Of course, laws are different depending on the region where you live. But this article is not based on legal matters. The focus of this article is solely to analyze the reasons that lead a husband to live with a divorced woman.

You’ll be surprised to know why many men do it. And also, you will understand better why divorced women accept living with a married man.

What drives a married man to initiate a life with a divorced woman?

In most cases, it is a compound of many motives. It’s a carousel of reasons that lead to committing that terrible mistake. Let’s see some of them:


Lust is the core that fuels your decision. Many men who abandon their wives and immediately start living with another woman don’t know that what they think they’re feeling is not love.

It’s a physical attraction. They might even think that there’s chemistry, but it’s just an illusion. Sometimes they try to convince themselves that their decisions are well-founded. They list all the problems they’ve been having with their wives such as lack of communication, boredom, routine, and so on.

Those attempts are just excuses to hide their responsibilities and commitment. Some men internally know that they’re doing it wrong. But it’s easier to get carried away by lust than to be firmed and uphold principles.

Of course, the fact that men are more into sex than women plays an important role. It’s not much but men (married or single) think more about sex and their libido is genetically stronger.

The survey below confirmed this tendency:

sexual desire survey
Data curated from

Tired of his marriage

Everyone has a breaking point. And usually, the decisions taken are terrible because of emotions. Most people decide on important matters based on pure emotion and not logic. And with spouses is the same.

When a married man feels that the pressure is so unbearable, he will take the nearest way out. So if he’s already in an extramarital relationship, the opportunity presents itself and he just takes it.


What comes to your mind when a man while still being married just moves out of the house to start living with a divorced woman? The first thought that comes up is that this person is not thinking clearly. Not a rational man will start living officially as a couple with his mistress.

If a man has his 5 senses intact, he will refrain from complicating the situation by elevating the extramarital affair to a serious status before finalizing the relationship with his wife.

This is just common sense. New relationships that overlook this and rush things are destined to fail. At the start, all may seem great, and romantic, but down on the road, it can turn into a mess because there are no previous considerations about the possible consequences.

Lack of responsibility

Some married men don’t have a single idea of what marriage means. They think is just to get together and share things you enjoy with another person.

The moment you tie the bonds is the moment a new life is born. And this is a shared life. So whatever you do will impact your spouse and your children.

Separated man living with a divorced woman

Some people might consider that a married man can live in a relationship with a divorced woman. Under such a statement, many separated men start living with another woman before signing the divorce papers.

But that’s a terrible idea. Even if you fall in love with another woman, you’re still married to your wife.

If you begin a formal relationship with another woman without legal separation, you are starting on the wrong foot. You’re not doing it the right way. There are factors. Remember what I said above. There are others around that will be affected:

  • Wife
  • Children
  • Close family members

Examples for your children

If you have children, the last thing you should do is to give them a bad example. Children absorb their parent’s behaviors. What their parents do when the children are growing stick with them.

So, if you cannot endure life with your wife anymore, you need to think about the children. This doesn’t mean that you have to be chained to a person (wife) you don’t stand for the rest of your life.

But you have to act carefully. Remember, children are always looking at their parents. If you do it the wrong way, they tend to repeat the same mistakes when they’re adults.

So, you have blocked the idea of moving out with the other woman. Think of the best days of your marriage when everything felt good and even though you could resist beautiful women when they crossed your way.

And when the appropriate time comes – and if you made out your mind to move out – remind your son or daughter that you’re not leaving them, you’re just leaving his mother.

Does divorced women have influence?

If you’re married man, ask yourself this:

Am I making this decision by myself?

If the answer is yes, it means that you are not been manipulated in just that decision. But you could be being manipulated from a different angle. Many men can get so clouded that they don’t see if they’re the subject of manipulation.

So, take a deep breath. Try to strip yourself of any emotion, and think logically.

Is okay for a divorced woman to live with a married man?

You, as divorced, already know the commitment of a marriage. So you don’t have the excuse to claim indulgence. So, no matter if you get involved with a married man, and he proposes to live under the same roof while still married, you must reject the idea.

As long as he’s married, you cannot share your life with this man. It’s a sin… and it’s improper. If you want to do it the right way, you should at least wait until he’s single again.

Meanwhile, you can take the time to analyze the relationship you have with this man. Will it be worth it? Remember, you’ve had already been married. So you know the consequences if this turns out bad.

Look for the consequences of the break-up. Could he do the same to me and throw me just like his wife?

These are interesting questions that you must flesh out before taking a huge step forward with him.

Reasons that lead a divorced woman to accept a married man

There are several which depend on the personality of the divorced woman. Among the most common are:

  • Pain
  • Fear of being alone
  • Trauma

Let’s review each one:


A divorced woman is hurt, especially if the separation is recent. When a woman has gone through a divorce, she is desperate to tackle the pain. So it is normal that she will look for an immediate replacement to reclaim the feeling of being married again.

Not all divorced women would act this way, depends also on the reasons for their separation. But if she is one who was abandoned, she will unconsciously look to recover what she lost in another man.


Being alone affects women more than men. A divorced man can manage himself better even if he is too emotionally attached to a married life. But women tend to feel sunken and somewhat lost because they have lost the direction and structure that the man erects.

This can be seen a lot in older divorced women. It can be so overwhelming that they can the world is crumbling over them.

Below are 4 great tips for older women to overcome loneliness

Also, the family contributes. They rush to judge her and push her to get another man as soon as possible. They could take her over the edge and that certainly makes her feel more lonely.

And when you are crushed by loneliness, you go outside and bag the first replacement you encounter. You can even go to the extreme to think that that married man is your soulmate. And trust me, you’re not going to choose wisely.


The hit from divorce can leave marks that might pass unnoticed by the individual. But there are clear signs of it:

  • She starts feeling depressed.
  • Insecurities appear.
  • Mood changes are constant.
  • She might become a reclusive.

So, to suppress all these feelings and behaviors, the person may look for someone who can make her forget all that suffering.


To recap, let’s point out the key points:

Can a married man live with a divorced woman?

As I said, no he cannot and should not live with a divorced woman. If you take that step, nothing good will come out of it.

What if a married man wants to live with an unmarried woman?

The woman has to reject that idea. If he breaks the promise to stay with his wife, no matter if they don’t love each other anymore, he cannot do the same to the woman in the future.

How long should a married man wait to start a new life with another woman?

At least until he’s officially divorced. The ideal would be to wait more and give it some time to think things over. Jumping into a serious relationship after getting out of another might cause you to commit the same mistakes.


I gave out the ramifications if you’re considering living with a divorced woman. I recommend not doing it not only for the possible legal aspect but also because it’s not good.

Consider the causes behind the desire:

  • Sex.
  • Broken marital relationship.
  • No responsibility.

Think about that. If your marriage was a failure, what makes you think that jumping into another relationship will be for the best? Take your time. Analyze things over. Let everything evolve naturally!

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