Can A Married Man Be Your Soulmate?

Sometimes it happens that a woman meets an already-married man, and thinks that she has finally found her other half. The chemistry is so wonderful that she’s so sure about it.

But, is it possible that it’s her true soulmate?

Can a married man be your soulmate?

That depends on your perception. Oftentimes, it is just a mere infatuation that you can’t recognize it at first sight because your mind is so numb that it clouds your rational thoughts. But other times you’re really meeting your soulmate.

This is something that may cause you doubt and confusion. So, stay with us and I’m going to tell you how to recognize if a man, married or single, is your soulmate.

How to recognize your soulmate

I’m going to give you some useful tips that will help you realize if the man you’re finding so wonderful is your soulmate.

He is your best friend

Perhaps the best thing about finding your perfect partner is that you are discovering genuine affection, yet you are likewise meeting your closest companion.

While some other friendships you might have also felt great, this perfect partner connection allows you both to be the closest companions.

You can see each other on an exceptionally profound level, regardless of whether you have just known one another for an extremely brief time frame.

Mutual respect

Perfect partners love being together and also have a profound regard for one another. They know their boundaries, so they are aware of how far they can go. That includes resisting kissing each other.

Perfect partners acknowledge one another, accepting the flaws of the other. Since perfect partners regard one another so profoundly, they uniquely handle their contentions in contrast to numerous different couples.

Shared future

This is a very important sign that you should not overlook. It doesn’t matter if the other signs are met. If you both don’t have a shared vision of your future together, you’re not meant to be together.

To share a life the two of you should initially settle on what that life will be like. At the point when you find your perfect partner, you will both settle on the sort of life you need to fabricate together and can hardly hold on to get everything rolling.

Authentic feeling

Many partners say that the main indications of realizing they met their soulmate are what they saw in their relationships, referring to how agreeable they were with one another.

Indeed, even in the personal unrest of falling head over heels, perfect partners won’t find that they have ever had a good sense of reassurance opening up to somebody and showing their actual selves.

Soulmates take pleasure in their little eccentricities and quirks and feel incredible sympathy for the imperfections and weaknesses they are equipped to show. This makes it simpler to be truthful to each other because you both have a good sense of security.

Fans of each other

At the point when you’ve found your perfect partner, you’ll most likely be a little shocked that somebody with similar tastes could exist.

This doesn’t mean perfect partners can’t see the flaws in their partner. However, the deep connection allows you to see each other in the most ideal way.

That is the reason the surest sign is feeling like you generally have somebody in on your side. Perfect partners praise each other’s triumphs and help each other out whenever difficult situations arise.

Do soulmates exist?

This is a debate some have had for many years. Phycologist Greg Matos claims that most Americans do REALLY believe in soulmates. I’m talking about 75% of the population. And that number increases when they sample millennials.

He has a more practical approach when defining soulmates. He concludes that when you talk about a soulmate, you refer to a great relationship match. Please watch the following video where he deep dives into his conclusion.

Love quotes for your soulmate

Here are 10 great quotes to express love and gratitude for being together.

You are my sun, my moon, and all the stars together.


You love give me wings to fly sky high.


There is no greater strength than the love we share.


In your arms I find the peace and love that I have always sought.


Your love transforms even the darkest day into one full of light.


Every day with you is a dream come true.


I find my home in your heart.


There are not enough words to express my love for you.


Your love is the most valuable treasure of my life.


By your side, time stops and love reigns.


Should you run away with your soulmate?

Don’t rush things. It is easy to get on the emotional train of excitement. But you should not force the course of action. First, double-check the signs I just outlined, and carefully see if you both are a match.

How should I live without my soulmate?

The world is not going to end. The sun is going to rise the following morning and the earth is going to continue going around the sun. So, don’t think for a second that everything will crumble down on you. Even if you feel pain, you’re still alive and you’re the master of it.

Should I run away with a married man as my soulmate?

You should not meddle in the relationship of a married man. No matter if you both think you’re meant to be together, it’s not right.

Even if the man wants to throw his marriage into a bin, remind him that he commits with his wife. He’s still married. And it doesn’t matter how you both feel at the moment because there is another person (the wife) in the same equation.

Whatever decision you both make may shake the earth of that person. Also, if there are kids involved, then everything is more complicated.

So, it’s not only about you. The other people on the board also count. Their lives can be at stake. So think about it before making any drastic decision.


Can your soulmate be someone other than your spouse?

Yes, people dream of meeting their respective soulmates, but when each person meets someone who he or she has some chemistry with, they decide to be together no matter if they are their soulmates.

So, a spouse can meet his “soulmate” later in life, but it doesn’t mean that his current relationship is fake. People are sociable creatures and most of them want to form a family even knowing that they’re not doing it with his or her soulmate.

Do soulmates always end up together?

Not always. Sometimes when someone thinks that another person is his soulmate, she doesn’t think the same.

I mean soulmates are also very subjective. Unless the other person feels the same as you, you cannot rush to think that you are destined to be together. And if both of you are truly soulmates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up together.

Do soulmates cheat on each other?

Yes, above all things we’re humans, which means we’re vulnerable to sin. And since there’s a lot of temptation along the way, people are most commonly to be seduced by it.

How do you know if we are destined to be together?

It’s not only what you feel. It’s also about what’s right. What you should do is not get carried away by emotions.

Decisions need to be taken based on logic and regardless of the consequences each action may entail. If you see that life itself provides the path where the two of you can share a life, you should take it. But remember: Never force anything to fit into your way.

Should we take the determination to be together?

Determination is important as long as the conditions are available. If someone is already committed to another person, he or she also matters.

And the decisions that will be made should not hurt others.


Most of the time people get carried away by their emotions. It’s part of the human nature. And it can bring us lots of trouble. One of them is stubbornly believing that no matter what, the other person and you should be together at all cost.

There’s something that you have to keep in mind. Our ultimate mental health doesn’t depend on anybody else but ourselves. I am saying this because we sometimes get so obsessed with the idea that the other person is our soulmate that we completely lose our minds.

So, you always have to see things clearly. Don’t impose your desires on mere expectations that have no logical analysis. That way you will always keep your feet on the ground, and act rationally.

If you found the perfect match, and see a tangible future together, and if it’s that what you want, go ahead. It may be worth the shot.

But remember to analyze everything with a logical mindset.

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