Should A Married Man Kiss Another Woman?

Sometimes married men refrain from doing things they normally do when they are single. And one of them is if it’s okay to kiss another woman.

People have different inputs on the subject based on their perceptions. Let’s share mine right away!

Should a married man kiss another woman?

That depends on the intention of the kiss. If the kiss doesn’t carry another underlying intention, you can kiss another woman on the cheek as a synonym for friendship.

Of course, there might be some repercussions because there are different situations that can yield diverse outcomes.

Now, let’s focus on the innocent perspective of a married man kissing another woman.

Why would a married man kiss another woman?

Some people say hello or say goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. There’s nothing wrong about it though in certain cultures this may be considered “overstepping the bounds” or even an invasion of privacy and safe zone.

But if the man and woman know each other – there is an established trust between them, they can normally greet each other with a kiss.

Can a married man kiss another woman?

Sure. As long as the boundaries are clear, and each individual doesn’t think such a kiss carries an underlying meaning, there is no wrongness or sin in doing it.

As stated, when there’s trust between a married man and another woman, you can perfectly feel confident to kiss another woman.

Problems with kissing another woman

The truth is that no husband can go around offering kisses to any woman he comes across even if they are known to his wife. If he does, he has a lot of courage because problems will come up.

Common sense dictates that when you’re married, you have to redefine your behavior when you are with other women. And this has nothing to do with a lack of character or fear of a possible tantrum from the wife.

It has to do with the sacrament of the marriage. You ought to behave as a husband and respect the spouse position you gave to the chosen woman.

Anyone who fails to do that is failing in his marriage. Of course, resisting a beautiful woman is hard. Sometimes temptation looms, and it’s difficult to deal with it, but you have to hold strong.

Another problem is the woman that you kiss. If this woman has values and principles, she might not see right that you take the step to kiss her. Remember, we’re talking here about innocent kisses (on the cheek).

This is something that can hurt trust because the next time you get close to that person, there could be an unintended reaction, not because she meant it but rather because of the precedent of the kiss.

Wife’s reaction

As it was implied in the previous segment what you do always have repercussions in the relationship with your wife. When you’re wife sees you kissing another woman, she may react badly.

And that is something you should expect. Even if she doesn’t show it from the start, she can do it later. There are many ways how she can express it. One of them is passive aggression which can escalate in time.

So be prepared. If you wonder why your wife might react negatively just from an innocent kiss, let me tell you that women – whether they admit it or not – tend not to trust other women around their husbands.

Even when they know the other woman, it is typically normal for your wife to get angry. When a wife sees a beautiful woman roaming around, she feels threatened. It’s just an instinct. She can blame it on you. But she will still hold a grudge against the other woman.

Tips to calm your wife

Your wife will probably get upset not only because you give a kiss to another woman, but also because she will feel betrayed if you have any close interaction with another female.

So, here are some practical tips to not escalate the situation:

Keep it cool

When she’s angry the worst thing that can happen is that you get annoyed. That will only do is to escalate her irritation. And no problem will be solved.

Admit your mistakes

If you are responsible for her being like this, all you have to do is reach out, admit that you made a mistake, and apologize.

When you do this and put your pride behind you, you’ll find everything is back to normal in just a few minutes.

Give it some time

When emotions are out of control, it’s best to wait for a while before trying to resolve the issue.

Give yourself a few minutes to relax and think about what exactly you’re going to say because if you talk feeling angry, there’s a good chance it will only make things worse.

Talk it over

The worst thing that can happen to a woman in those moments is that the man standing next to her doesn’t say anything to her, an act that shows that she is being ignored.

Put some limits

Some women like to make a drama about every little thing and abuse their partner’s good intentions. So, always stand true and don’t let yourself be crushed by meaningless tantrums.

Can a married give another woman a French kiss?

You can… if you want is to destroy your marriage. But I will assume you want to be still married.

Don’t think for a second you’re going to get away with it especially if she caught you. This is not going to turn out like the letter Steve Harvey received in his TV Show (Watch below).

So never take that stupid risk. If you feel the desire to do it, it means that you have to reevaluate the relationship with your wife.

Ask yourself this: do you still love her?

If the answer is yes, don’t make such a stupid mistake.

Sometimes what it takes to spice up your marriage. Get out of the routine. Do something with your wife. Take her out, go on vacation, arrange a romantic date. Use your imagination!

One of the reasons why husbands get into trouble with other women is because they feel bored. And it is understandable. But marriage should not fall into the same old routine. And you need to take the step to spice it up.

So, is it okay for a married man to kiss another woman?

After all these details, we can say yes. But keep in mind all the warnings we just gave you. Don’t kiss another randomly, without thinking it might not be consequences later.

Thus, be smart. Don’t take unnecessary risks and jeopardize your marriage. Nurture it instead!


As you can see, there’s nothing wrong when you give a friendly kiss to another woman. It’s a friendly signal. In many cultures, they do it when great each other.

Of course, if you’re married you have to be careful. Your wife can react in a way that you don’t expect. So, take notice of the tips we’ve pointed out:

  • Do not escalate the situation.
  • Admit your mistake.
  • Relax and don’t over-react.
  • Never let your spouse abuse you.

Also, remember to not let yourself be subjugated by a misunderstanding!

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