Can A Married Man Resist A Beautiful Woman?

Temptation is everywhere, and we’re all exposed to it. In the case of a married man, the most brutal temptation he faces is cheating. It requires will power to say no when you feel you try to give in.

But, what about resisting a charming and beautiful woman?

Is there a chance for him to remain faithful. If so, how can he?

Let’s get to the bottom of this right now!

Can a married man resist a beautiful woman?

Even if a man is married, he can absolutely resist the charms of a beautiful woman. When you’re married, it’s not only a commitment, it’s also a special feeling you have for the only woman you choose to be your wife.

But if the temptation is too much?

Yes, temptation can sometimes be overwhelming when you are in front of a stunning and beautiful woman. However, it’s a totally different reaction when you’re a married man.

And even you slip, the battle is different compared to a single man resisting a beautiful woman.

How Can A Married Man Resist A Beautiful Woman?

Given the fact that you’re married because the woman you choose made you feel something special that no other woman could, you, as a married man, can do:

  • Find joy in the relationship with your wife.
  • Immerse yourself in all aspects of the relationship. That is emotional, physical, and spiritual. And make that connection exclusive to her.

These are very important elements to have in mind. A relationship is not a mere routine. You have to connect with your wife. That’s why you tie the knot! She’s your match or like some like to say your soulmate.

Experience everything with your wife. That way you will be able to establish and fortify that connection that even when you stare a beautiful woman, not a impudent though will cross your mind.

Now, if you think that this is imposible. So watch how the character of Jim Harper from The Office Show (American version) reject a woman who tries to seduce him.

Yes, I know what you might be wondering. It’s just happens on T.V. But, the man in this clip is deeply in love with another woman that they have established the connection we’ve been talking about.

So, the principles are the same. If you truly to love your wife and has immersed yourself in full in your relationship, you can reject temptation.

What if she is so beautiful?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in appreciating the beauty in another woman. And it’s not even cheating, unless you as a married man attempt to kiss her. We all, and that includes women, note and compliment the good attributes present in the opposite sex.

But that doesn’t mean that there is an underlying intention. You can perfectly admire the beauty of another woman without having the intention of cheating on your wife. Femininity is the main feature of her own nature. So, it cannot be denied and much less demerited.

What if a beautiful woman make advances?

Here’s where the special connection with your wife kicks in. Since the bond is now strong since all the experience shared with your wife, you can easily dispel it.

Some men might find it difficult to reject temptations, and some of them might consider that the possibility to share feelings between the wife and another woman, but that’s just mere desires with no profound feelings.

If you really find satisfaction at home with your wife, you won’t be looking for it somewhere else.

Complaints from friends

You might be scared that your male friends might think less of you reject a beautiful woman or reject her advances. But don’t worry about it. Take it easy. Don’t listen to them if they make jokes. Just laugh at it. And if they keep pushing you, you better evaluate if they are quality friends.

A true friend will never take you to the path of infidelity. He or she will care for you; and in no way will push you into something can certainly jeopardize your marriage.

Tips to battle temptation

If you don’t want to cheat on your wife when a beautiful woman appears in your life, you have to recognize that you’re being tempted. And you need to act fast to prepare yourself.

Here’s 5 useful tips to handle temptation:

1. Set personal boundaries

Boundaries protect your heart, mind and marriage. Do your best not to be alone in the same room with these people. Keep your conversations simple and distant. This will help prevent the development of a false sense of connection or an inappropriate friendship.

2. Self-aware

Do you find that you keep looking in that direction and watching these people every day? Take the time to acknowledge this attraction and be honest with yourself.

This doesn’t mean you want to leave your wife and start a romantic affair with another woman. This means that these people are attractive, and that God created something beautiful.

3. Keep in touch with your wife’s heart

Undoubtedly, part of that attraction to other people could be due to a lack of connection in your marriage. Please take the time to connect with your woman’s heart as a priority. Do whatever you can to keep your marriage healthy.

If you feel the need to have the above conversation, remember that this is an opportunity to get closer. These are conversations that let your wife know that you care enough about your marriage that you’re willing to risk letting her down.

This also tells her that you are not hiding any secrets from her, and that you both play for the same team.

4. Pray

Whenever you feel like the enemy is trying to make you feel attracted to someone else, fight it by blessing your marriage.

Say out loud, “I choose my partner. I chose my marriage and blessed my relationship to be more intimate and connected.”

Also, pray for other marriages. The enemy does not like our prayers and it leaves us alone after praying.

5. Living an Exemplary Life

If you want to empower not only your relationship with your wife but also your life, you can start adopting principles and values based on God’s words.

For most people, the best way they have to fight temptation is through their faith. Dr. Olumuyiwa Akinrole Oludayo explain really well that living an exemplary life requires responsibility.

Without it, you’re not only an easy pray for temptation, but you will be willing to embrace it.

He points put 8 responsibilities we all should take:

Responsibilities What you should do
Be conscious of God’s provisionYou have the power to overcome temptation.
Take heed to Gods WordBuild your strength around God.
Pray for the StrengthGod is always listen. When you pray, you’re fortifying your faith
Forgo Self GratificationFight the intention the comes with desire by renouncing pleasure.
Grow into Spiritual MaturityMundane desires are the way. What matter is spiritual growth.
Surround yourself with people of valueDon’t share the same path the sinners take.
Resist the DevilDon’t give in. Just resist.
Run away from Dangerous SpotsDon’t put yourself on situations that provoke temptation.

When you learn to internalize these responsibilities, you’re fully equipped with tremendous resources that you wield to fight temptation.

You can check in depth the 8 steps to overcome temptation.


You probably have some other questions regarding topic. Who wouldn’t? It’s in the nature of women to have a little concern if her man is surrounded by beautiful women.

Why is he unable to resist a beautiful woman?

There could be many reasons from losing interest in his wife to just desire. Whatever the reason may be, you should find a cause right away. If it’s just innocent slip, don’t make a big fuss out of it. Most married men turn to see a beautiful woman when they cross her on the street. Women tends to do it too.

Will a married man ever cross the line?

If he has proved to you that he loves you with actions, don’t have any doubts. He won’t do it. As we’ve already implied, watching beautiful woman doesn’t mean he will abandon you.

Does a married lose interest on his wife if he sees another woman on the street?

No. He can get into trouble if his wife catches him. But under no circumstances assume that will cheat on you just because his eyes are dragged for an instant by another female.


So, can a married man resist a beautiful woman? As stated above, you have the power to fight temptation and win. Focus on honoring your wife and living a virtuous life.

And don’t get down thinking that this is only happening to you. Women go through the same situation as well. Either single or married women are tempted to cross the line and sleep with a married man. You’re not alone!

Also, remember that there should not be any remorse in admiring the beauty shinning from another woman. It’s natural! As long as you don’t get carried away by bad thoughts, you’re not committing any sin.

The most important thing is the connection with your wife. Invest in it. Don’t take it lightly as if your marriage is just another train station that you can get off and on whenever you want. Just make the most out of the union!