What Will Make A Married Man Cheat On His Wife?

Cheating is a hurtful betrayal for those who have experienced it. But cheating doesn’t happen out of the blue for spouses, specially men. Of course, most women might say that men are men and they always cheat. But there is something behind the cheating – which most women ignore – that makes a married man risk the stability of his family just for an affair.

What will make a married man cheat on his wife?

The number one reason that makes married men cheat is the lack of attention from his wife. When a married man is not properly attended or supported, he will find someone who does.

There are clearly others reasons behind cheating such as: immaturity and sexual addition. But mostly most men would refrain from cheating if their wives take good care of them in all aspects of life.

A married man needs care and support! You give him that, and you won’t think about cheating on you.

Why will he succumb to cheat on his wife?

As stated above, he’s not getting the attention. Remember, a true man is a provider. He knows deep inside he has responsibility to provide for his family. That puts a lot of pressure on him. And the only thing he asks in return is attention, consideration and affection.

Of course, truth be told! It’s not a guarantee that he will remain faithful. Men are tempted everyday by single or married women. Yes, it happens! You can check how married men and married women fall in love and develop strong feelings toward each other.

But when you show your husband with actions that you care for him, that you please him, that you understand his needs, you would be kicking the thought of cheating out of his head.

Such attention would make him think when he’s tempted that he has a good and pleasing wife at home who loves him and support him so much that the idea of jeopardizing everything with an affair is not worth it!

In a way, through your actions you would be telling your husband not to look everywhere else what he already has at home.

What needs does a married man require to be satisfied?

When a man gets married, he doesn’t only commit to make his wife happy, he also wants to be happy. That’s why he’s getting married in order to share his life and build a family. But while doing it, he doesn’t stop being an individual with specific needs. They are:

  • Sexual needs are sought elsewhere if it not provided at home.
  • Attentions and support from the wife.
  • Consideration and empathy.

These are basically the needs a married man longs for. He could understand that growing a family takes a lot of more things like responsibility, but these needs should never be overlooked by the wife,

Other Factors

Certainly there are other factors that takes married men to cheat:

  • Monotony and boredom.
  • Much sexual appetite (addiction).
  • To break up with a current relationship.
  • Lack of responsibility.

Unfaithful husband signs

You can trust husband because you both made an oath to trust each other. But you always have to be observant to some changes your husband could make in his behavior. So, below are 10 clear signs that will tell you that he’s at least interested in another woman.

He always wants to go out alone

Either you’re married or not, everyone needs time alone. But when you see that he has such suspicious attitude that he avoids at all cost that you go out with him or just be with him in the same room is major red flag that he seeing another woman.

New habits

You know your husband, and clearly notice when he make drastic changes such as: checking constantly his cellphone before going to bed or having long conversation in private rooms many times a week.

And when you ask him who this person is, he looks tense or even become angry. He would try to make excuses that are hard to buy.

More work hours

You can have a hard working husband who doing is his best to provide for his family. But some unfaithful husband use work as an excuse.

When you see that he’s taking more hours than usual, working on weekends and on recurrent business trips, these are indicators that there are something else going on.

Routine change

It’s not only about new habits or a new adopted way of acting, but also it’s a drastic change in his routine within a short period of time.

Now he has new hobbies and doing activities that you’re not included. And if you try to join him, he casts you out completely. This is a clear sign that he wants to build a new profile of himself in order to impress somebody.

Too much self-care

This is an obvious sign. Suddenly, he’s taking too much care about his physical appearance. He dresses well and makes sure his hair looks good. He also returns to the gym. These were the things he only did when he dated you. But now he’s doing them again.

Intimacy behavior change

It’s normal that as we age the levels of sexual desire tend to go down. But it’s not normal if it happens in a matter of weeks or days. This could mean that he’s getting it from somebody else.

Of course, you have to be very careful. Don’t rush onto judging without considering other possibilities such as stress from work, bad nutrition, and other external factors that might be affecting as well.

Excuses don’t make sense

When he asks simple questions, he either take to much time to elaborate or doesn’t know how to respond. And when he comes up with excuses, they don’t make sense at all.

Observe if he takes too much time to give you answer or if he’s explanations are too far-fetched.

Get defensive

When it’s time for you to as questions due to all his changes, instead to remain calm, he gets angry and avoid to answer.

There’s no reason he acts this way unless he hides something.

Naturally, it’s normal if he gets defensive in case you first suggest that he’s cheating on you. But another thing is that if he holds a hostile attitude without you implying anything.

Obsessive phone check

In today’s world, it has become normal to live with an eye on cellphone all the time. We live in a digital world! But when he jumps to check on his phone each time a notification arrives, he could mean something else.

It’s common that husbands who are flirting online with other women delete all messages and the search history of their activities online.

But when you have a healthy relationships is not necessary to hide the interactions you have with other people online since there is trust. However, the moment he keeps them extremely private, suspicious arises.

He protects too much his phone, social media and email

As implied above, he doesn’t share with you any of whatever he’s doing online. Observe if he takes his phone to the bathroom or keep it silent.

If he panics whenever you’re near his phone, it means that there’s something there he doesn’t want you to see.

Reviving the marriage vitality?

Getting married doesn’t mean that your life has to become dull and full of routines. Of course, there are things that are repetitive specially if you have children. But this is a conquer your heart, the one who truly loves you. So make his love count.

Spice things up

Don’t live as a dull couple that takes intimacy just as a marriage duty.

  • Get new underwear. Make yourself desirable.
  • Go outside with him. Repeat all those romantic nights when you were dating.
  • When children are not at home, seize the time and take him to bed.
  • Give him a good morning passion kiss.
  • Tell him things that turns you on.

Be creative. That’s the most important thing. He’s your husband, your man, your love!

If you still have problems, take at look at how Apollonia Ponti gives out another great tips:


All men like to be complimented. And that feeling never dies after you get married. When he come home from work, thank him to be there. Tell him that you appreciate that he go out everything to work hard for them.

When he plays any sport, say something motivating. Congratulate him for the games he wins and the scores he makes.

If you’re not so good at it, take a look at these 13 compliments that make everyone feel amazing, including your husband.

This also applies to his physical appearance. And if doesn’t work out, encourage him to do so. Let him know that to be in good shape will make you feel proud to have a handsome husband.


The husband leads the family. There’s no better supporting feeling than to have his own family put all their trust in him. This will boost him confidente and determination to go beyond to never let you down.

The prosperity of your family will become his top priority. He would even feel proud to carry such honor.

And you know why?

Because all men need an ultimate purpose and goals. They have this drive inside that push them to become a protector and a guider.

You can call it chivalry or whatever you can. But a true man always set the structure where his woman and children follow his lead.


Here are some questions that might help you understand a little bit more about why some married men cheat.

Why does a married man cheat if he still gets sex from his wife?

Because they’re looking for something more than just sex. They’re looking for certain kind of attention they’re not getting from their wives. Of course, they are married men than are addicted to sex and some other are so immature that they think sleeping with many other women prove their masculinity, elevating their alpha ego.

Is it normal for a husband to cheat on his wife?

Men as well as women cheat. The difference relies on the motives. Men almost always cheat because of immaturity. There are also cases where cheating is due to a sex addiction.

Do husbands feel guilty after cheating?

Some of them do. The cause of cheating is not always lust. It’s also the lack of attention husband suffer. So, even though they get pleasure while cheating, there are remorse in betraying not only his wife but the oath he took to be faithful.

Do husbands fall in love with their lovers?

Yes, they can develop strong feelings. There are vast of cases. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they would leave their wives. But the longer the extra-marital relationship lasts, the more opportunity there will be for a husband to fall in love with another woman.

Do husbands look for counseling?

Mostly they don’t open to look for professional help if they suffer from sex addition. Even they are encouraged by their wives to go therapy session in order to improve their marriage, they usually reject the idea.


Now you have a clear idea of what makes a married man cheat on his wife. Husbands have needs that should be satisfied by the wife. Don’t ignore them and don’t expect that nothing bad will happen because it will if you don’t take any action.

Remember to to keep your marriage alive:

  • Stay provocative for him.
  • Tell him encouraging words.
  • Trust and follow his lead.

But in any case you don’t and your marriage seems a little down the hill, look for the signs we have detailed. If he shows one or some of them, don’t rush to confront him. Be sure before having a conversation with him. The most important thing at this moment is to be honest and talk it out.