Can A Married Man Fall in Love With Another Woman?

Feeling nervous that your husband can fall for another woman and abandon you. Such a fear appears when the husband’s behavior suddenly changes.

It’s impossible not to think that. So, I’m going to tell you if he can love another woman and how to know it.

Can a married man fall in love with another woman?

Yes, marriage doesn’t mean that someday a married man will not fall in love with another woman. If that happens, it means that he chooses the wrong woman to become his wife.

Sometimes, people around us see it differently. For instance, when he talks with another woman he’s fighting to resist her beauty. It’s just one of those things that can be considered an innocent gesture at the beginning, but it may lead to something more serious down the road.

But, of course, there are cases where a married man thinks he’s in love with another woman, but it’s either physical attraction or infatuation. In both cases, he just getting carried away by sentiments that are not of love. It could be lust or just a silly fantasy.

Stay with us. I’m going to show you clear signs that will tell you if a married man is already in love with another woman.

Signs of a married man in love with another woman

If you notice one of the following signs, be sure that your man definitely feels something for another woman.


When you are in a relationship, it’s common for one partner to care for the other. In the case of a married man, he asks how you are or how you feel.

Also, he can ask you if you need something or how your day goes – though not every day, but often. There are men whose personality traits are not so romantic. But if you notice that he suddenly wants to avoid interactions outside of the main things, something in your marriage is not right.

Make excuses to leave

When a man is in love with another woman or he is just developing feelings towards her, it’s not a surprise that he can try to make a fuss over little things so that he can have the perfect excuse to leave home and meet with the other woman.

That’s going to help him avoid raising too many suspicions. So, pay attention if he overreacts to many of the disagreements or minor conversations you both have in order to walk out, and then return after hours as if nothing had really happened.

Lack of engagement

He may seem distant at first in communication, and later on in intimacy. Even though some men are less affectionate than others, if you see that he is regularly trying to get away from you, it may be an indication that there is a third person.

For example, when there used to be hugs, kisses, caresses, and other demonstrations of love, now he only gets up from the sofa even if you get close. He might say that he is too tired not to be with you or leave without even saying goodbye in the morning.

On the other hand, the demonstrations of love he denies to you, he has no problem doing with somebody else like kissing another woman or displaying a similar act of affection.


It could be a series of small actions in your everyday life that can increase the suspicion that something strange is happening, such as when you enter the room and he closes the laptop at once or stops texting.

Also, if he constantly changes the passwords on his phone, leaving it silent, gets nervous when it rings, lowers his voice when he is speaking, or goes somewhere else and even goes to the extreme of locking himself up in a room to send messages.

Hidden schedule

When he is away from home and doesn’t call to say what time he will arrive is also a red flag. Many couples get used to receiving messages or calls from time to time that tell the other person about their schedule, so it can be worrying to stop receiving them.

When something is happening, he simply stops talking to you about his whereabouts, he enters and leaves the house without any explanation. So, you both no longer seem to spend so much time in the place you share.


Although the male gender and this is true, is known for having the ability to forget significant dates such as anniversaries. So, if you notice that very special memories start to fade, this could be the sign that something else is going on in his mind and completely diverting his attention.

Gone are those moments when he wrote you nice messages, called you, bought you a gift, gave you a simple hug, or just drank a bottle of wine with you.

Less time to share as a couple

If on most occasions you state that you do not have time to waste on activities with your partner, family, or friends, it is another alarm about problems in the relationship, even if it is not especially infidelity.

If he has an excuse for every time he has the opportunity to share with your partner and close people, it is because something bothers you or perhaps you hope to have enough space to visit, even invite another person.

No more a gentleman

When a man feels good in his marriage, he demonstrates it even if he doesn’t intend to. He can display a set of behaviors that make you feel that you are his special person. He defends and protects you, and want you to know that. He always helps you as much as he can, to name just a few things, otherwise he is not so satisfied and happy with the relationship.

If you don’t know yet, there is a new theory in relationship psychology called: the hero instinct. It refers to the fact that a man wants to feel like the protector, provider, the essential person for whom he loves and who respects him, but when this instinct is not activated by being married, he tends to look for those feelings in another place, in another woman.


He may start criticizing your appearance. Look, it is okay to criticize a woman, but if he suddenly starts making hurtful sarcastic comments about your weight and how you look right now as if he expected you to be a supermodel, chances are he no longer has that fear of losing you.

It’s quite annoying that he never notices your best moments, but instead focuses his attention on pointing out your worst. A married man who still loves his wife can criticize his wife’s appearance, but he does it with the purpose that she can be aware of it, and make changes, not only for him but for her too.


This is related to other signs, when he becomes critical and distant, forgets dates, and avoids asking you questions and talking to you about how your day was.

In general, he hardly ever likes to talk to you alone any more than the basics. He may decide to keep to himself his innermost thoughts, worries, and experiences.

Better off when you’re not around

It is logical that when you love someone, what you want most is to spend time with that person. And it’s not about doing it to the point of suffocation, but about enjoying those free moments.

If your husband suddenly relaxes when you tell him that you won’t be home in the afternoon or that you need to go away for the weekend, he may want to see another woman.

No respect

Although it sounds horrible, it is possible. When a man has emotionally disassociated himself from you and is having encounters with another woman, the respect he had is no longer present.

Not only can he become critical, avoid conversations, and spend time with you, but you may experience that your man shows little or even no appreciation for everything you do each day. This is a situation that you have to address immediately.

Well, there you have it. There are other signs, but these 12 signs can pretty sure tell you if you lose the love of your husband.

Why do married men fall in love with other women?

There are many variables that can lead a man to fall in love with another woman. One critical, which now is among the main reasons, is the failure roles.

One of the causes of this is the ego some women have. They are on an ego trip. Both men and women have a specific role in a marriage. If any of them fails to fulfill it, the marriage is doomed.

This is not about that one of them has to be above the other. It’s about structure! If the man sees that the wife doesn’t want to take her role as a whole wife, he will start drawing himself even if he has pledged to honor the marital union.

Of course, if the man starts salivating for several women, that’s not love. It’s just lust. And of course, he doesn’t love you enough if he goes hunting like a wolf.

How did I lose the love of my husband?

First, let’s take infidelity out of the equation. It indeed has to do with losing the love of a husband. But I’m focusing this article on other reasons.

Now, losing your husband is a process. It does NOT happen in the blink of an eye. For example, and this is a very popular case, Johnny Deep was deeply in love with Amber Heard. He was so sure of it. Even when dealing with his personal demons (addictions), he tried to be kind to her because he loved her.

But he had been a victim of systemic abuse from the start. He fought for that love. He thought it was worth it, but he then ended up realizing the hard truth.

So, this is one of the most dramatic examples of losing the love of your man. The specifics of this case would not always repeat in all relationships, but certain aspects of them are recognizable in some marriages.

On the other hand, if you’re sure you served your role well, loved him deeply, respected him, supported him, and even though he left, just let him go. That means that he never really loved you, and both of you weren’t meant to be with one another.

How to get his love back?

You first need to ask yourself if he’s worth it. Don’t do it for the fear of being alone or for the sake of appearance. If the marriage is going down the toilet, just flush it.

But if you think that it is just reactions from him due to your mistakes, there might be an open door that you take advantage of. It’s never too late to recover your soulmate if that’s what you want.

So, here are some tips you can use to try to win him back.

Improve your self-esteem

If you want your partner to see you as the most special woman in the world, you need to start feeling like one. Work on your confidence and show him why you are ideal for him.

Change your appearance

Get a new haircut or resort to dyeing. Change your way of dressing without fear. Choose clothes that make you feel beautiful, confident, and attractive. Flirt with him and arouse his curiosity like when you were dating.

Internal transformation

Your internal transformation is important to improve your relationship. Analyze your attitudes honestly and recognize your mistakes. Try to understand your husband.

Innovate in your life

Explore your skills and perfect them. Attend courses, and exercise. Become a versatile and interesting person. He could feel motivated to explore those new things in your life.

These tips I just showed won’t guarantee anything. If he is already in love with another woman, it’s going to be very hard to get him back. So take these as alternative resources.

Here’s a good video that shows a different approach which you may find helpful:


Love is a mystery. You think that no other woman can steal the eyes of your spouse, but it certainly happens. There are cases when the man hasn’t grown up yet and he doesn’t consider what a marriage is and all of the responsibilities.

Sometimes, out of the blue, someone else shows up and causes a strong impression.

If you feel that this is happening, remember to check out the signs:

  • Indifference or withdrawal.
  • Excuses.
  • Lack of engagement in your relationship.
  • He looks mysterious.
  • Hidden schedule.
  • He tends to forget important things.
  • He doesn’t spend much time with you.
  • His chivalry has gone.
  • He can criticize you more often.
  • Silence.
  • Feel better when you’re not around.
  • He’s starting to lose respect for you.

Now, in the case you have definitely lost your husband, just move on. This is not a slight statement because I understand how hard it is, especially if you have had many years of marriage on your back.

But if he’s already in love with another woman, you cannot force him to love you again. You can attempt to recover him with the tips I just gave you, but if anything doesn’t work out as you hope, think of yourself as an individual of value who has so much to give to other people who can be in your life journey.

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