How Often Should Your Husband Go Out With Friends?

It’s normal to wonder how acceptable it is to let your partner go out with his friends regularly. This reflection commonly happens in married couples as the commitment is stronger.

And since you’re here, it stands to reason that you’re somehow worried about the number of times your husband decides to go out with his friends.

Several things might be crossing your mind at this moment. Some of them are negative thoughts urging you to consider possible scenarios that question your trust in your husband.

But before jumping to hasty conclusions and believing that your husband has hidden intentions, you must understand that it’s healthy for couples to develop other friendships outside of the family circle.

Once assimilated, the times that your husband shares with his friends vary from couple to couple. All relationships are different and they are shaped by each individual’s personality.

In this article, besides providing you with the consensus, we’re going to point out useful tips to avoid creating unnecessary conflict and understand your husband’s social life.

How often should your husband go out with friends?

No rule dictates how often he should spend time with his friends. Most married men choose one day a week for men’s night. They could meet up again on weekends accompanied by their spouses.

There are times when men get together more than once a week. And it’s because they work in the same place or live in the same residential area. That makes it easier to get together.

Of course, you cannot allow him to neglect the responsibilities he has at home. If it’s starting to choose his friends over you by spending more time, you have a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Sometimes, it’s helpful their women get together as well. It makes things less complicated. They can get to meet the spouses and girlfriends of their husband’s friends and have fun while the men are out.

Why is it important to communicate about going out separately?

To avoid misunderstandings. Marriages usually get into trouble due to a lack of communication. And going out separately can bring issues to your relationship if some things are discussed.

Women sometimes forget that men won’t leave their friends after they get married, even those you consider a bad influence. So, you both must discuss this matter as soon as possible to worsen the conflict.

You both have to sit down and reach an agreement about how you’re going to conduct the relationship within your own group of friends.

When you communicate, you reinforce:

  • Trust.
  • Marital bond.
  • Understanding.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Personal growth.

Things to avoid that can seriously damage your marriage

There are certainly things you must avoid at all cost. If you do what we’re going to point out, you can seriously damage your marriage.

Prohibit him from a social life

You and your husband need to have a social life outside of marriage with your groups of friends. Prohibiting to share moments with his friends can lead to serious marital problems.

Impose a schedule

You must not, under any circumstances, impose a schedule. This will lead to resentment. You can suggest, based on mutual agreement, to choose the day when he normally meets up with his pals. But never impose a schedule!

Excessive calls and text messages

Don’t bother with excessive calls and text messages while he’s sharing with his friends. You should only call in case of a justified emergency.

Baseless accusations

Don’t be tempted to accuse him without any evidence about his intentions of going out with his friends, even if he plans to go to a bachelor party. You should refrain from creating unnecessary conflict that can harm trust.

Arrange his plans

Don’t control or supervise his life. Trust that he will make responsible decisions.

Compare him with other men’s behavior

Don’t be too quick to think that your husband is going to behave like other men when he is with his friends. You should not compare him with other men because each relationship is different.

Manipulate him

And last but not least, don’t play emotional manipulation tricks on him. It won’t do your relationship any good.

How to manage anxiety when he’s out

It’s understandable to feel anxious and worried whenever he’s with his buddies. A lot of things will come to your mind, which can stress you a lot.

That’s why we’re going to give you some tips to calm you and better understand his independence:

Tip1: No motive to doubt

You married him not only because you love him, but also because you trust he will be faithful to you. If you didn’t think about it before making the step to share your life with somebody, you probably have to reconsider what marriage’s life means.

Tip 2: Open communication

Communication cannot be missing in a marriage. There must be open and honest communication to avoid discussions and problems. This communication must be based on respect and understanding.

Tip 3: Take advantage of your independence

Don’t do this as an act of revenge because he goes out with his buddies. Create your circle of friends outside of marriage. It will help you break routine from home and cultivate your interests and hobbies with other people.

Tip 4: Make plans to enjoy with your group of friends

Speak to your husband and tell him that while he’s out, you also want to share with your group of friends or family. It will help you stay active and not feel somehow alone by staying at home.

Tip 5: Set some norms

It’s a good idea that both of you agree to schedule your outings. Be flexible, don’t make it so strict like arriving at home at a precise time or only allowing him to go out only on certain days. Of course, he has responsibilities at home, but he’s also an individual like you who should enjoy independence.

Tip 6: Workout

Exercise! This will not only keep you busy, but it also helps you release accumulated stress.

Tip 7: Embrace your individuality

One of the most important things about living is personal growth. This is accomplished in part by allowing you to make friends outside of marriage to foment your sense of security, which helps reinforce the trust in your relationship.

Tip 8: Focus on the positive

If you have a healthy marriage, remember how much he values the marital relationship. Keep in mind that unfounded doubts only bring negative thoughts.

Tip 9: Maintain people who love your close

You must have a close group of friends and family who you can reach out to when you start feeling bad. They can offer support. Sometimes, when someone is feeling anxious for any reason, having someone to spend time with helps drain some angst.

Tip 10: Strengthen the bond

The reason why women are reluctant to let their husbands go out with their friends is poor trust. One way to increase it is to spend quality time when you are together. It helps couples reaffirm their commitment.


What activities does he typically engage in when he goes out with his friends?

Mostly men get together for a drink at a bar or their friend’s house. They usually play poker or watch sports. Of course, the activities depend on the culture they reside in.

What are the preferable days a husband goes out with his friends?

That depends on the availability. Weekends are ideal, but if he has children, probably he spends weekends with his family and chooses a night during the work days to meet up with his friends.

Should I ask him about his plans whenever he decides to go out?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong about it as long as you don’t sound demanding. He should not treat him like a child. Respect and trust are pillars of a marriage.

Should I prohibit him from letting other women join his group of friends?

No. That will show you have insecurities though men don’t tend to have women in their circle of friends. Exceptions are coworkers. There are times when people who work together meet up on social occasions for celebration purposes.


A husband should go out with his friends when he needs it as long as he doesn’t neglect his wife and his responsibilities at home. To avoid conflict, communication is essential, especially if he prefers spending time with his friends.

Wives mustn’t make silly mistakes and avoid:

  • Deprive him of having a social life.
  • Impose a schedule.
  • Excessive calls and text messages.
  • Baseless accusations.
  • Arrange his plans.
  • Compare him with other men’s behavior.
  • Emotionally manipulate him.

Also, encourage communication if conflict starts to arise. Open and honest communication helps resolve most problems among couples.

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