Can A Married Man and A Woman Be Just Friends?

This topic is somehow controversial especially among women. A great amount of them think that their husbands will not be able to resist a beautiful woman even if they’re just friends.

There’s a preconceived idea that says that a man should not frequent his female friends just after he gets married.

You will know if this stands on reasonable grounds.

Can a married man and a woman be just friends?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to see married men have female friends. Being married doesn’t mean you have to cut all ties with your friends of the opposite sex.

If a wife forces his husband to not befriend other women, she will be compromising the stability of the relationship.

Because it’s wrong and unhealthy.

Your husband won’t suddenly fall in love with another woman just because they’re friends. He married you not them. So, let him have his friends – males and females.

Now, what I recommend is to invest in nurturing your marriage. Stay with us, and I will show you how to get your man to love you more.

Can a married man be friends with a single woman?

He can befriend a single or married woman. It doesn’t matter. As stated, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to surround yourself with other women and have fun together.

Friendship is an important part of healthy relationships. Your spouse should understand that your friends are valuable to you. She needs to give you space and trust you.

When she accepted you as her husband, it means that she acknowledged that you will be faithful and loyal to her. That commitment is based on trust.

Should a married man have female friends?

Of course, a man who honors his marriage establishes a separation between his wife and friends in terms of relationships. Each one has its place. His love for his wife is different from the one he has for his friends.

There’s a belief that says that the only female friend a husband should have is his wife. But that’s hurtful and cruel. Limiting your husband’s interaction with other people is abusive and reprehensible.

Unless he flirts or doesn’t respect you as his wife, you must not attempt to close access to other people no matter if they are females.

Can friendships with the opposite sex destroy your marriage?

This is the primal fear wives have. They are afraid their husband can be seduced and give in to temptation. They can even overreact their men innocently kiss another woman.

It’s different with male friends. Though wives can be suspicious of certain bad influences, with female friends they are certain that their men are like prey for sharks.

Naturally, there are cases when the husband seems to cross the line and looks more than just attentive towards his female friend. That’s the moment when you as a wife have to be alert and recognize some red flags. Without being paranoid, you need to look for specific signs that may tell you if he’s really into another woman.

Signs that your husband likes his female friend more than you

These signs are good to determine if your husband feels something more than just friendship towards one of his female friends.

  • They greet and say goodbye too emotionally (strong hugs, kisses, and big smiles)
  • He gets angry if you ask him if he likes her.
  • He always talks very highly of her, omitting her flaws.
  • There are too many emotions between them compared to other friends.
  • He might appear jealous if he finds out that she’s dating someone else.
  • He always talks to you about the things they have in common.
  • If she has social media profiles, he constantly checks them.
  • There’s too much physical contact, more than what could be appropriate.
  • To him, she’s a great woman and the best human being.

Sometimes when things are not what they seem. Friendships that dated from a long time are special. And these signs might be involuntary reactions that mean nothing. However, if these signs are too clear and recurrent maybe something is happening.

Tip: The important thing is to have clear communication with your husband to avoid misunderstandings.

How to get your husband interested again

Now, let’s see amazing tips that will help you get your husband more interested in you:


A husband is the pillar of the marriage. He gives it the structure. It’s going beyond the fact of being a mere provider. He guides and shows the way. He carries all the heavy responsibility on his back.

His commitment is unbreakable. So, support words are always welcomed. It fuels him and recharges his energy. When you support your husband and are on his side, he knows that he chose you wisely.

Follow him

There are times when women follow their own way. There’s nothing wrong if they follow their passion, but it can never be at the expense of warding off from your husband’s path.

Today’s feminism has created a terrible precedent. They have forgotten that structure within the family is necessary. Married women need a structure that only the man can build.

Make him miss you

Treat him like a king. He wouldn’t like to spend much of his time with his friends if you treat him well. Be a wife and be there when he needs you.

A man loves it when he gets home and sees that his wife has just made dinner not because she’s serving but rather because those details tell him that he’s loved. Actions matter more than words. And when you show your feelings through your actions, that’s when love manifests.

This great video below not only shows great tips on how to make him miss you but also desire you more:

Surprise him

Men also love to be surprised by their wives. Whether they admit it or not, they feel loved when you do something good for them they don’t expect.

Feeling loved is a sentiment that human beings crave regardless the race and sex. It’s part of our nature. When we share our life with somebody, we’re harnessed on it. As some people like to say: “there’s nothing better than to feel loved.”


This topic fuels interesting conversations that can have many turns. It’s a subject that will be discussed over and over. So and to close our input, let’s answer some other related questions:

Can a single girl be a good friend to a married man?

Yes, but she always needs to keep in mind that he’s a married man. There are limits that should not be crossed. And as for him, he has to act like the adult he is and keep the relationship entirely on friendship terms.

Is it normal to have a female friend after marriage?

Perfectly normal. The marriage oath is to be faithful and not to close yourself at other interactions with different people.

Marriage is supposed to be the born of a new life, not a prison where the only guard you see is your wife.

Why can’t a married man have female friends?

This is what some women believe. And it lies in the women’s insecurities. And it can hurt your marriage. What if he wants to go out with his friends or go to a bachelor party and you prohibit it? It will certainly backfire.

So, as I have repeatedly implied, a married man has the right to have friends, and that includes female friends too.


As stated, a married man can perfectly befriend another woman. It’s healthy. You need to socialize with people of the two genders. That’s normal interpersonal interaction.

And in the eventual case that you see that he may start getting some affection toward a female friend, just reinforce your relationship by making him more interested in you.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I not giving to him?
  • Why does he prefer to spend more time with his female friends?
  • How am I able to spice up our relationship?

So, care for your relationship. Don’t let it wither!

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