Why Would A Married Man Stare At You?

It can be intriguing when you suddenly notice that a man stares at you, especially if he’s married. It probably makes you feel uncomfortable when this married man keeps on staring at you.

Several ideas might cross your mind. And you don’t know what to believe.

The most common reaction is to think that he’s interested in you. But how to be sure of it? Or, if there are other motives behind his staring.

Why would a married man stare at you?

There are several reasons why a married man stares at a woman. Most of them lie on the obvious premise that he likes her. Staring at her is the behavior reaction caused by his emotions. However, there are other reasons that has little to do with tender feelings or even love.

Let’s see some of the reasons behind this, sometimes, uncomfortable feeling of being stared at:

He finds you attractive

He finds you cute and attractive but he doesn’t want to approach you because he’s married. Even if he likes you, he avoids you. So, he prefers to notice all about you from a distance.

This can also lead to platonic love. Something that lives inside his mind, but will never be fulfilled.


Besides the fact that he’s married, he’s also shy and doesn’t want to make any move. But in a way, by staring at you from afar he’s sending you signals of being interested in you.

Sometimes, he prefers that you approach him first. It makes him feel comfortable since he approaches you first, he will feel that the people would think that he’s hitting on you.


He thinks you’re above his level. He clearly likes you. He likes the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you laugh, the way you dress, and loves everything about you.

But he sees himself and thinks that he’s not a match for you. So, the only way he has to satisfy his love is by staring at you all the time. He could even have dreams, fantasizing about how would it be if you two met up, flirted, and started a relationship.

He loves you

Perhaps he’s one of those romantic creatures, and he thinks he has just fallen in love with you. You know what they say, love knows no boundaries.

So, if this man really loves you, he will be constantly staring at you. This is the way he has to express his feelings because he cannot muster up the courage to compliment you directly.


If you’re popular among your friends and coworkers, he will stare at you to find out what makes you admirable to other men.

He might not even notice you but feel compelled to look at you, which in turn contributes to increasing your popularity. And he’s trying to figure out the reason behind it.

He’s interested in you

This is the obvious and general reason that embraces many of the other reasons. Some men, single or married, are smart enough to wait for a positive signal from the woman they like before advancing towards her.

Sometimes, they’re afraid to be rejected or make a fool of themselves. In some cases, they prefer to wait to stare back, smile, or show similar interest.

He wants to make you feel uncomfortable

If you have ever had a showdown with this man, it’s probably the reason why he intensively stares at you. It’s his way to even out things by making him feel uneasy.

If this is the case, the best you can do is ignore him.

Also, know that there are guys who team up with others and challenge their peers to stare at you in order to make you stare back and win the challenge.

Not aware and have no precise motive

There are times when men look at women without realizing they’re making them feel uncomfortable. Obviously, there’s something about you that grasps his attention.

He can’t help it stare at you, but in the process, he is unaware of the awkward effect it has on you. You can approach him and joke about his staring. Who knows what could happen next? Maybe you could find something about him that likewise grasps your complete attention.

He wants to offer something to you

Perhaps this man works for a company that is looking for female employees and you happen to fit the profile he’s looking for. As the previous reason, approach him and ask him straight why he’s staring at you.

If his intentions are good, you will get an immediate answer and also an apology for making you feel uncomfortable.

Wrong intentions

Of course, there are guys who stare at a woman’s body in order to check her out. Their intentions are clear from the beginning. The staring is not only very uncomfortable but also threatening.

In this case, it’s better if you stay away and surround yourself with people you trust.

Exchange glances

Some men stare expecting you to look in their direction. So both can share a moment or a smile. If it happens that you like this man, this could initiate something.

But if you don’t stare back or make a disgusted gesture, he will get the message.

Eyes speak volumes

It’s true that some men convey their feelings of love or even lust by staring. You can read their intense eyes and feel it too.

The good thing is that this works both ways. If you don’t like this man, you can also transmit your rejection message through your eyes.

Bad communicators

There are men who are bad communicators. They don’t even know how to start a conversation with a woman. That also increases the level of fear that goes through their spine.

So, staring at you hoping that you make the first move would break the ice and make things easier for him to get on the conversation.

But be aware because some of these men lack character and have poor confidence. You will notice yourself while interacting with them.

Lack of manners

And there are, of course, the types of jerks that don’t have the common sense and proper education to behave like a gentleman. They stare at a certain kind of woman that is different from the ones they’re used to.

This situation can escalate pretty easily if you don’t get away immediately. These men don’t have any respect not only for women but also for anyone who looks different to them.

How do you know if a married man has feelings for you?

As indicated, it is now clear that when a married man stares at other women is because he has feelings for her. But if you need confirmation, here are some clear signs that you can easily notice.

He makes time for you

Even when he’s married and has responsibilities that are demanding and time-consuming, he’s able to find time for you. And above all, if he’s keen to do it, it means that he truly wants to be with you.

Family obligations consume most of the time of a married man. And if he chooses to spend it with you instead of going out with his wife and buddy friends, it means that you’re becoming more of a priority in his life.

He makes jokes about what he feels

A common way of flirting is by making jokes, especially for men. They like making women laugh. So, married men also direct their jokes towards how much they like a woman. That way they can measure the woman’s feelings.

So, depending on the woman’s reaction, a married man will decide if he can keep on and make a serious move. This is a common strategy for unfaithful married men.

He’s very curious about your private life

If he’s really happy with his marriage, he will devote and dedicate his attention to his work and family. He wouldn’t care so much about another woman’s private life.

But if he keeps asking personal questions, it means that he may be interested in you. Some of these questions are typical:

  • Are seeing anyone?
  • Who are you dating?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • Were you out with friends or on a date?

He could also ask you about your sex life (check the signs a married man is sexually attracted to you). These are the type of questions a married man would never ask another woman unless he’s interested.

He displays hints of jealousy

Men typically don’t show their emotions. Married men are actually more secretive when it comes to other women. So, if he adopts a demanding attitude, asking you questions such as:

  • Who were you talking to?
  • Did you go out last night?
  • Who did you go out last night with?

These acts of jealousy mean that you have stirred up his romantic interest.

He doesn’t talk too much about his marriage life

Usually, a married man loves to express how happy he is with his wife and children. He feels so proud when they talk about them.

So, when he’s not keen to talk about his family life, he doesn’t want to remind you that he’s married. That has two purposes. First, he wants to keep intact the illusion of having an opportunity with you without feeling bad. And second, he doesn’t want to scare you off.

He wants to be your support

Again, a married man has a lot of things on his mind. But if he’s really making an effort to be there for you when you’re down because it hurts him a lot to see you sad and lonely, it means that he truly cares for you.

Body language signs

There are also body language signs that sometimes go unnoticed. They can be imperceptible to the naked eye or be considered insignificant gestures, but they carry an underlying meaning. And thanks to Mat Boggs, you will discover them in the video below.

Don’t miss it! You will love it!!!


Why does this married man keep staring at me?

He’s obviously fascinated by you. But he knows that he can’t approach you because he has a wife. His commitment stops him on his track. So he has to settle for admiring you from a distance.

Why does your crush stare at you but doesn’t make a move?

Normally your crush is someone who makes you feel nervous. You like her and you’re timid to make the first move because you don’t want to mess it up. For you, there’s too much at risk to make a false move that could damage your chances with your crush.

Why does he look at me when I’m not looking?

He doesn’t to make it obvious that he’s interested in you. He wants to make it in his own way, at his own pace. It’s clear that his mind is still wrapping up how to properly approach you.

What does it mean when a guy looks away when you look at him?

He’s either nervous or doesn’t want you to know that he likes you. He’s very shy and is still processing his feelings. Sometimes, he’s not even aware of it. He’s just been flooded by a wave of emotions.

Will a married man make the first move after staring at me?

That depends on how much he values his marriage. Some married men, even though they find some other woman cute and attractive, contain their impulses and fight off temptation.


As precisely stated, there’s mostly a common denominator behind many of the reasons. If a man, married or single, stares at a woman is because he clearly likes her. Of course, we cannot overlook the other reasons:

  • You’re attractive.
  • He’s too shy to approach.
  • Insecurities hold him back.
  • He holds strong feelings for you.
  • You’re very popular.
  • He’s interested in you.
  • Bother you.
  • No motive.
  • He has a business proposition.
  • He’s just checking you out.
  • Share a moment by exchanging glances.
  • Convey his feelings.
  • They want you to approach them and break the ice.
  • They’re rude people.

There are all kinds of men with different intentions. If you’ve gone through a situation when a guy incessantly stared at you, you will have a clear idea of what’s behind the intense stare you’ve been subjected to.

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