Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Has A Wife?

This usually happens. You get to know a married man and suddenly he starts texting you every day. This person could be a coworker or a friend. It doesn’t matter. You’re receiving texts every single day.

You want to know what it means, right?

Of course, lots of ideas come up to your head. You can’t help it. You’ve heard before what men are. But that’s not the general rule. And you want to be sure what it is.

Why does he text me every day if he has a wife?

The underlying cause on why he texts you is because he has an interest in you. If a married man whose priorities are his wife and children won’t flood your cell phone with text messages each day. For one reason or another, he clearly likes to be in contact with you.

It’s different when a single woman texts a married man. Though she is the one showing interest in initiating a conversation with whatever purpose she may have, it won’t necessarily mean that he will engage.

So, it is important to identify the precise reason that stirs up such interest. Be aware, that interest is not always love. Sometimes, there are other details that make him desire to text you every day.

Let’s see some of the common reasons.

Reasons why a married man text you every day

If a married man is texting you every day, it must have a meaning. Only the context varies. Below are six common reasons why he texts you:

Strong feelings

He could be developing strong feelings towards you. And by texting you, he’s showing how much he likes you and how much he wants to be with you.

At the same time, he’s also showing that even though he’s married, he’s not embarrassed or afraid to show his intentions, which can escalate if you respond to his messages.

Married or single, when a man starts having feelings towards a woman, he can’t help it show her. You can watch in the video below all the things a man in love will do.


He could be texting you because he finds you comforting and receptive in the way you listen to him. Some married men go through this situation where they don’t receive much support, consideration and help from their wives.

This is one of the major catalysts that makes a married man cheat on his wife. There are others, but statically, a great number of husbands who commit adultery not only show a lack of character but also have an unsupportive wife.

So, here’s when you come up, being a good listener and support. Sometimes, this interaction leads to the development of some feelings. When you become the person that he goes to over his wife, there is a great chance that he will eventually feel something towards you.

Good company

Sometimes married men find other women they admire. If the text you’re getting mostly questions related to opinions and beliefs, it indicates that he likes talking with you.

He also likes it when you answer his questions and engage, asking him questions as well.


If he texts you and never hits on you or talks about unimportant things, he’s possibly bored. This can happen when he is old, his children have grown and his wife doesn’t spend much time with him.

So, he feels alone with nobody to communicate regularly with and share things. He will probably be texting other people to pass the time.

Make you laugh

He has an interest in you, but he doesn’t plan to start an affair. Most men like to make women laugh. And they use texting to tell jokes. Of course, don’t be surprised if you receive some advances eventually.

Humor is a tactic to hit on women they like. So, be alert!


Not a married man shares the details of his personal life and problems with someone he’s not close with. If he does, it means he really trusts you enough to tell you about his worries and emotions.

Should I tell his wife?

No, unless you want to cause him serious trouble. But if he doesn’t back off, remind him that he has a wife. Some young married men are still immature. And they think that they can go on hitting on any girl as they used to.

So, don’t bring his wife into it. She can make things worse, not only for him but for you too.

Should I tell him to stop texting me every day?

That depends on how you feel. If you think that his texts are innocent and don’t carry hidden innuendos, let him be. But don’t reply to each message. Don’t let him have the general idea that you’re welcome every text.

But, if getting his texts makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t reply to most of his messages. That will let him know that you’re not going to jump up to reply to him. If he’s a man in his right mind, he will cease texting you every day.

Of course, if he keeps on texting you, tell him to desist or you will block him.

Getting text messages from a married male friend

Not all texts in this situation can be considered text cheating. Normally, it’s okay to get messages from a male friend who’s married as long as he’s not texting you at every moment. Even if he’s a close friend, he knows there are limits.

If he does it anyway, he has other intentions. Probably, his marriage has been having problems and you’re the escape. This can certainly lead to an emotional attachment.

Look for signals that hint he’s developing feelings:

  • The texts are getting more personal.
  • The frequency of the messages increases. Each day he sends you more.
  • He texts you at inappropriate hours. He’s married, he should not do that unless it is an emergency.
  • He tells you about his marriage intimacy.
  • The texts he sends seem more like requests.
  • The following day he texts you in the morning and follows up during the afternoon.
  • He gets angry if you don’t reply.

Answering text messages to a married man

These ten answering text messages express in a courteous way that you don’t welcome his advance.

I appreciate your words, but I have to remind that you have a spouse and that’s something I really respect. I treasure our friendship and I don’t want to ruin it.


Thanks for those words, but your wife deserves them.


I want to keep our relationship based only on friendship. I value our trust and respect.


I’m flattered but I prefer maintaining appropriate boundaries in all my relationships.


I would feel terrible if I compromise your marriage by making a stupid mistake.


Let’s keep this platonic. It’s better that way. No one will get hurt.


Let’s keep our friendship intact. I own it to my principles.


We’re both adults who should have principles. You must honor your wife and I must not any lines with someone who is married.


If we venture into a romantic journey, we cannot go back. That will destroy our friendship.


As friends, I can’t cross that line. I’m sorry, but I’m sure that if I reciprocate, we’ll ending up hurting each other.


How to make a married man stop texting me

If you’re uncomfortable and want him to stop texting you, there are some steps you take:

Don’t reply to his messages

At the beginning, he will insist. So, expect more texts coming. And if you stay true to never replying, he will get the message that you don’t want to engage in text communication.

Let him know you’re dating someone else

There’s no better way to tell him right from the beginning that you will reject any advances by stating that you’re seeing someone else. Of course, don’t be rude. keep calm but be firm.

And make sure that his plans are to hit on you before proceeding this way. You don’t want to behave like a witch if his intentions are benign.

Stay away from him

When you see outside, don’t approach him. You can greet him out of courtesy, but never engage in any conversation. If he stares at you, go away.

Also, don’t go to places that he frequents and doesn’t hang around with people of his inner circle.

Ignore him

Don’t reply to him, don’t engage in conversation with him, don’t be around him. Do anything, but without being rude, that makes him realize that you don’t want his messages.

Show indifference when he makes reference to the messages he sent you the previous night.

Be straight with him

Tell him directly to stop texting you. Be serious, but don’t be rude. Remind him that he has a wife to whom he should respect. Also, tell him that you’re not interested.

If he insists on it, tell a close male friend to be a mediator to stop texting you. Or, if he has the impression that things might get ugly, call the authorities to handle the situation.

Block his number

This is the ultimate step. Most women block many men right from the start, but blocking also means that you’re not mature enough to handle this situation. Of course, if someone explicitly texts you to get in your pants, you have all the right to block him.


Should I tell other people that a married man is texting me?

No. At the beginning, you should manage the situation by yourself. Of course, this depends on the context of the messages. If he’s making advances, don’t reply and block his number in case he insists on it.

Should I tell my boyfriend that a married man is texting me?

No. You can provoke an unnecessary argument. Even if he’s texting you for consulting, you can keep it to yourself for the time being. It doesn’t mean that you will lie to your boyfriend. But letting him know that a married man is texting you can create a misunderstanding.

Of course, if your boyfriend asks you, then tell him the truth, but urge him not to act recklessly no matter what the intentions of the text messages are.

Why texts from a married man are considered inappropriate?

A married man should focus and dedicate his time to his wife and children. It’s not good that he will be sending texts to any girl every day. He can text another woman for work stuff, and related matters, but never does it for feelings and emotional purposes.

Why does he text me every day if he doesn’t want a relationship?

He either wants just one sex night or he’s bored. If his only intention is sex, you are just another ‘piece of meat’ he has to taste. He’s not even considering you for a long affair.

On the other hand, you misunderstand his messages. He might be feeling bored and talk about different things in a very trivial way.

How do you know if a married man likes you through text?

The context is everything. If he compliments you, he likes you. If he implies that his married life is not good, he likes you. If he talks bad about his wife, he likes you. If he lets you know that you have more qualities than his wife, he definitely likes you.


Overall, in most cases when a married man texts another woman every day is showing a clear interest. Sometimes, there are other variables. Remember, it depends on the context:

  • He has feelings for you.
  • You are a good listener and support.
  • He likes to be around you.
  • He has no other things better to do.
  • The conversation can be fun.
  • You’re a voice he regards highly.

So, once you know the reason why he texts you every day, you need to decide what to do next. Do you want him to continue? Or do you want him to stop? What you decide will have a clear consequence that will change the interaction with this man. So, choose wisely!

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