Is It Ok to Text a Married Man?

There’s this belief that it’s somehow forbidden to text a married man, especially if you’re a single woman. It makes some women doubt and they refrain from doing it because they think it can be misunderstood.

In this article, we’re not only going to clarify how true this is, but also we’re going to let you know what cheating via texting really is and what you should avoid doing in order not to get into trouble.

Is it ok to text a married man?

It depends on the content. You can perfectly text a married man if you don’t have dubious intentions. You can text him about things related to work, friendship, or any other topic worth discussing.

There’s a radical idea that you cannot text a married man with no good reason. But as stated, what matters is the intention of the messages.

If you both are good friends, there’s no reason not to do it. There are women that have male friends whose friendship started before they got married. The marital status should not change your friendship.

Naturally, you cannot text him at certain hours because he’s now dedicating his life to his wife. But it doesn’t mean texting is forbidden once he tied the knot.

On the other hand, if you both didn’t have any prior relationship, you must move carefully. He’s a married man and texting might be considered at least intrusive.

Below is a great video about texting Etiquette. You will find it on point and very useful!

What is important is honesty. If you have just met this man, and want to establish a friendship, you can proceed. Of course, never forget that he’s married. And take into consideration that texting should be done in decent hours.

So, don’t get overwhelmed by some radical views some people have. You can text a married man about different topics. That’s interaction!

Is texting a married man cheating?

Not at all. That’s a very radical view. Texting by itself is not cheating. Cheating comes in many forms. And the underlying intention is what tells you if there’s cheating.

What is your purpose for texting him? Do you like him? Are you planning to hit on him?

When you answer these questions, you have already known if your messages are a means to seduce him.

Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with texting a married man. Some wives would think differently. But it’s just their insecurities looming.

As implied, cheating involves intention, and the will to carry on it.

7 Things to avoid when you text a married man

There are things that you should not text to a married man, especially if there’s no trust between you and him. You can upset him and it may bring you some troubles. Now let’s look at the things you should refrain from saying when you text him.

Don’t text him late at night

Texting at night is fine if you text a single man, but it’s intrusive and inappropriate for a married man. That’s the intimate time he has with his wife. If you do it, you’re getting yourself in the middle of a marriage.

Don’t text him on weekends

That’s the time he spends with his wife and children. It’s okay to do it if you’re good friends. But if you barely know him, don’t it unless it’s really necessary.

Don’t text him about your life

When you text a married man about your life, he may feel uncomfortable. Even if you want to know him better, this will push him away, and avoid engaging more with you.

Don’t touch topics too personal

When you share personal details, you’re opening your heart to this man. Besides being uncomfortable, it may be too much which turns out to be awkward.

Don’t compare yourself to his wife

If you do it, you’re putting yourself in the frame, and telling him that you have better qualities than his wife. For friends, it might not have a bad effect, but if you don’t know him very well, he could get offended.

Don’t insinuate even if you like him

He’s married. Never forget it. Whatever happens in the future, if you start insinuating, and you both start something, you will have no excuse if you’re heart is eventually broken.

Don’t text him about things that may lead to sexual topics

If you don’t want the conversation to go to sexting, avoid anything related to sexual content. Remember that sexting must be consensual. You could get into legal problems if you send sexually explicit and flirtatious messages, audio, or videos.

Sweet text messages to express love

Now, if you want to express subtly that you like him, try the following sweet messages:

If you fall, we fall together because I’ll always be there for you.
My smile is mine, but you’re the motive.
Nothing I say or give to you will be enough to show you how much I care for you.
I did’t believe in happiness, but I see the proof every time I see you.
I can’t help smiling when I see your messages. It’s like my celphone know it’s you when you text me.
You are the constant in my world of variables.
We’re like day and night. Always close but never together.
Your determination and passion for life are a lovely combination.
Your charisma and charm are contagious, you make me feel lucky to know you.
Do you know what I like most about you? That you always have the ability to make me laugh even in the most difficult moments.

7 Signs You’re falling in love through text

Sometimes when you text somebody, you are not sure if you’re starting to feel something for him. So, here are 7 signs that will tell you if your text messages are carrying more than what you think.

You always start the conversation

If you regularly have the desire to text him in order to initiate a conversation, you’re interested in him. That’s a clear sign! It’s easy to spot it. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself: who always initiates the conversation?

Unread messages

Another sign that can tell you like him is that when he is not aware of the messages you send, you communicate it to him.

This fact tells you that you take him into consideration, know that he will not be able to keep an eye on your messages and you let him know so that you do not worry if you see that he does not answer.

Regular communication

If you expect to maintain fluid communication almost every day, you’re into him. Sometimes you’re not aware of it. You notice it when he doesn’t reply fast or you don’t see him online on WhatsApp. You start feeling anxious.

Have lots of topics to keep the conversation on

You not only try to maintain fluid communication with him but also have an arsenal of possible topics of conversation that serve to get to know him better and discuss together.

Personal topics are discussed

If at some point, you realize that unconsciously you’re revealing personal details about your life, and also asking intimate questions, that’s the moment when you’re giving yourself away through texting.

Feel good chatting with him

It is important when you start talking to someone to pay attention to how you feel, and what emotions it awakens in us. If you feel really good, and experience sensations that no other person provokes, you could be developing feelings for him.

Good night message

When you end your day and go to sleep, but never without sending him a warm good night message. You could be exhausted, but it will not stop you from texting him.


Fidelity is usually one of the most valued aspects of monogamous relationships at a social level. It contributes and stimulates at the emotional level, ensuring the permanence of the bond regardless of the passage of time. This constitutes, after all, a certain ideal at the sociocultural level.

However, with the incorporation of digital media and its constant progress, it brings new ways and environments to the global level that allow the percentage of infidelity to rise. It is for this reason that it becomes increasingly difficult for these affairs to come to light.


Is sexting legal?

As long as it involves consenting adults, sexting is legal. However, sexting is not legal when minors are involved. Actually, it’s punishable. It violates both state and federal child pornography laws.

What is emotional affair texting?

You’re in an emotional affair texting when start sharing intimate details to establish a sustained closeness through text messages.

Is texting a form of adultery?

No. As stated, that’s an extremely radical view. Basically, texting is a form of communication and interaction. What matters is the intention and the content of the text messages.

How do you know if a married man likes you through text?

There are several signals. One of them is if he engages with your insinuations. Also, in the content of his texts he could confess about certain details of his sentimental life.

Should a married man be texting another woman?

Sure. Just as it is natural for a woman to text a married man, married men can text other women. You don’t have to be single to text another person.


It’s perfectly okay to text a married. Friends text each other about many topics without any problems. The important thing is to have limits. If you respect that, there won’t be any problem.

Just remember to have common sense when you text a married man:

  • Don’t text him late at night.
  • Avoid texting him on weekends.
  • Don’t talk about your intimate life.
  • Don’t touch too personal topics.
  • Avoid placing yourself and your wife in a balance.
  • Don’t try to seduce him.
  • Stay away from anything that stimulate sexting.

If your intentions are friendly, texting him can be the first step to stablish a good friendship with him and his wife as well. What counts is the underlying purpose of texting. If yours are good, go ahead!

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