Can A Married Man Love Both His Wife and Another Woman?

Many times married men have desires about other women. For example, a married man can meet a beautiful woman, and feel so impressed that he can start fantasizing with her and might eventually develop some feelings.

But, does it mean that can end up loving her? Well, if you’re a wife reading this article, besides answering this question, I’ll give you some amazing signs that will tell you which person your husband loves, you or another woman.

So, if you’re suspicious about your spouse, I bet you’re going to carefully read on!

Can a married man love both his wife and another woman?

No. He will love only one woman, either his wife or another woman. He may think that a second love might be truthful, but that’s far from a tangible love. What he feels could be just admiration, lust, or obsession.

7 Telltale signs that someone’s in love

These are very telling signs. Someone displaying this behavior is truly in love.

Alert when the other person is around

This is a characteristic that appears when I am in the early stages of falling in love, but over time it disappears. This is a sign of passion that comes when you get to know the other person.

Of course, it is quite possible to fall in love with someone you have known for a long time, which means that in this case this signal does not appear and it does not mean that there is no love.

Create opportunities to be together

This is a strong signal. It happens in men and women equally. In the case of women, there is a stigma linked to gender roles that makes many of them feel uncomfortable when it comes to being more direct than men.

Therefore, it is very common for either men or women to create opportunities to indirectly approach the person for whom they feel interest.

Care for her emotional state

Love does not just have components connected with deception and positive considerations about what might occur from here on out.

There is likewise a concern about what terrible things could happen to the other person, regardless of whether it can represent something exceptionally unsafe for her.

Plan for the future

One of the secrets to be aware of, assuming you are infatuated, is your thoughts if the other person isn’t there. They possess your mind.

How this is generally reflected is in the reality of fantasizing about likely arrangements, envisioning a reality in which you structure a strong and cheerful couple.

This activity of the creative mind typically shows up unexpectedly, without deliberation, in individuals who are in love. For instance, when we do something that doesn’t require much attention, our minds play fantasies, building happy scenarios. We don’t force them. They come and we let ourselves carried away.

Grant trust

This is one more of the indications of adoration. At the point when a strong connection has been set, we move to conceal every one of our imperfections (a common phase in which we attempt to lure the other person since we like him and we would rather avoid rejection) and we start to give much more value to honesty.

Relate experiences

When we are in love, we unwittingly take different pathways that lead to the psychological portrayal of that individual. As such, the thoughts that we have inside our heads interfere with one another, making numerous brain processes that lead us to contemplate the person in question.

For that reason, individuals are inclined to think about the other person constantly (not just because they like it). They do it without noticing it.

The individual puts her face in other people he has met in his life. Even he sees her name everywhere. This happens because there is an emotional charge that he unconsciously associates with other people and his memories. In turn, it brings more content of the same nature.

Long conversations

Sometimes, it is hard to initiate a conversion when you love the other person. That’s when anxiousness comes in. However, when the initial couple of moments have passed, the exchange streams without any problem.

Obviously, In reality this isn’t an obvious sign. Sometimes we have long conversations with somebody because we like the company or the conversation topic is interesting. It is not to be viewed as a fundamental yet inadequate sign that there is love.

The main exemption for this is when the other person isn’t interested at all in connecting with us, or when physical or mental aggravations influence the way to communicate.

Tips to know if your love is lasting or temporary

The most important about a relationship is that it has to evolve to pass the test of time. If your love is worth it, it has to exceed the early stages of being in love. That’s why we’ll show you valuable tips that point out how stable is your love:

It’s not perfect

At the start of the relationship, we tend to think that the other person is perfect. But if your love is well-founded, deep down you know the other person has flaws like everyone.

And that’s the most important because we commit ourselves to love that person knowing his or her flaws. We accept them fomenting the the stability of the relationship, which seems like a good opportunity to grow.

Butterflies’ feeling is not permanent

When the relationship grows, those sensations that we felt at the beginning don’t have the same intensity. Remember how to feel when you were boyfriend and girlfriend? Those butterflies and the shaking of legs. Those things pass.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have intense emotions toward the other person. But your love has grown. It’s now more stable. It’s based on structure.

Solitude is necessary

Be together with the person you love is satisfactory. It occurs in all relationships when being apart hurts, and you want to run to be next to him or her and spend together each hour and each second.

But as the relationship progresses, we realize that we need time for ourselves. It’s healthy that each person can enjoy time away from his partner.

There are moments when we cannot resist to separated, but you need to learn to be comfortable being alone. That’s a good thing to test your love!

Forgiveness is important

If you want your love to succeed, you need to learn how to forgive. In all relationships, there are moments when someone makes mistakes.

The flaws of each person will manifest at some point. And that’s when you have to be ready to forgive and talk things over.

Please watch the following to learn how to forgive:

Why does a man think he loves both his wife and another woman?

In most cases, men think that they are some kind of Casanova. They roam like bees collecting nectar from flowers. And they believe that some of that interaction can be considered as love.

They also deem any romantic gesture as proof of love. But romance is one thing and love is another. They are different entities. When you love somebody, you don’t show it with romantic gestures. You show it with actions.

Fake things about love

When we think we feel butterflies in the stomach, we might easily fool ourselves. The mind is tricky and is connected with our superficial desires.

So, I compiled some fake beliefs about love:

  • Love feeling is mutual and total surrender.

You love with your heart, soul and mind. But that doesn’t mean that you will surrender who you really are.

  • You have to feel love continually.

Sometimes when you think you’re in love, you let yourself be driven by the extreme sensation of euphoria. So you have to be careful not to chain the other person to us without commitment, just looking for the passing pleasure. In the end, we end up empty.

  • We feel love only at the beginning of the relationship.

If what you feel for the other person is genuine, in time the bond becomes stronger and everlasting.

  • Love is fragile and brief.

True love is a stable stream and lasts unless it is just a whim or an obsession. And you have to take care of love, nurture it.

  • Love is complete when I’m loved.

This is utterly false. The more love you give, the deeper the feeling is. When we feel good and have high self-esteem, we enjoy seeing other people happy.

  • You love without conditions.

Though we accept others with their virtues and flaws, we should put conditions that maintain stability and peace of mind. It’s mutual respect where we can build the foundations. Love is built and growing through time.


If you still have some internal doubts, here are some of most common and related questions about the topic:

Can a married man be in love with two women at the same time

No. If he feels that he loves both of them, he probably doesn’t love either. Love feeling is durable, pass the test of time. It’s not something that you feel one day and the other day toss away.

Can a couple fake love?

Yes, there are couples in the whole relationship is based on pretending due to specific interests. To the outside world, they show they’re deeply in love, but indoors both of them live different lives.

What if my husband says he loves me but still thinks about another woman?

If he really loves you, he just going through an infatuation which is obsession. I invite you to read our article can a married man be obsessed with another woman to know how to deal with it.


Sometimes it’s a nightmare for a wife if her husband falls in love with another woman. And some married men when they meet someone else can have some feelings and their minds fill with doubts.

Thankfully, you now know:

  • Which person he really loves.
  • If what he feels is love or just temporary infatuation.
  • The reason behind growing feelings towards another person.
  • Fake beliefs about love.

By knowing this, you will understand where you stand in your life. If necessary, take the necessary steps to rethink your relationship.

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