Is It Better to Date Older Guys?

Probably you’ve had experience dating guys of your same age or around it. And you haven’t got any satisfaction. Or possibly you have no experience in dating and want to be sure what type could be a suitable match before venturing on dating.

So, here’s the dilema: Is it better to date an older or younger guy?

Let’s get straight right to it!

Is it better to date older guys?

Generally, older guys are more inclined to commitment for a serious relationship. They don’t normally look for “just one night”. They are grown up men that want to settle down.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Some older guys are sometimes available because they have spent most of their lives living like teenagers without any sense of responsibility.

They could also be unemployed or live a negligent type of life full of problems that is by no mean attracted to women.

So, you have to be aware of clear red flags to avoid any misstep – more on this later. now I’ll give you some reasons on why older guys are a better choice.

Why is it better to date older guys?

I’m going to detail 12 reasons why you should favor older guys in most cases.

1. They don’t play around

Old guys know what they want. And since they are experienced, they don’t want to waste their time. They state their intention, whatever it is, very clear from the beginning.

In their own life, they target their goals and fight to achieve them. When they fall, they get up and continue fighting until they get them.

2. Do what they promise

With older guys there’s a great chance they keep their promises because they have already had a sense of responsibility. Contrary to many youngsters, they know that actions carry consequences.

3. Financially stable

Not all but most older guys have stable jobs. And though it should not be the only reason for a relationship, it comes in handy to face a future with someone that offers security.

4. Jealousy is not a big problem

Most older guys don’t have attacks of jealousy. When you date an older guy, contrary to a young man, you notice he’s sure of himself. He knows his worth, and won’t be texting you the whole day asking where you are.

5. No much drama

A older man is wiser and tend to think before acting. This behavior displays during discussions. He will find solutions and won’t run away evading his responsibilities.

6. No much ego

He’s experienced and possibly had other relationships. This has taught him he’s not perfect, making him learnt from his mistakes in order to make the next relationship work.

7. More freedom

You can go out with your friends and do the things that you like with the other people you care about. An older guy understands that you need time for yourself.

8. They will motivate you

Older men tend to have successful careers. They have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. This will not only boost your self-esteem to achieve yours, but also they will cheer for you and help you get all your personal projects done.

9. They’re more likely to become a parent

Single older men regularly want to date with the goal in mind to establish a relationship and form a family. Young people hardly know what they want. They’re still exploring life and few are just setting goals.

10. They’re independent

Most of these men have lived alone and know how to take care of themselves. You won’t have to ‘babysit’ an older guy or be his complete housekeeper because they know how to cook, clean, do laundry, so on.

When you form a relationship with an older man, he can help you with the chores when you need it.

11. Wiser and more gentleman

There are exceptions, but having a conversation with an older man is generally gratifying. They show deep insights on diverse themes which can stimulate your brain. His experience is vast in many topics that you can’t help learn from his knowledge.

They also understand the value of a woman and try to make her feel special.

12. They’ll accept you as you are

Though he will motivate you to be the best version of yourself, he won’t push you to change the essence of your personality. He will encourage you to get validity only from yourself and not from others.

Older guys traits


With maturity comes calmness. Apart from some exceptions, older guys really understand that actions have consequences. This is one of the things that are commonly ignored by young men.

So, it’s natural to see older guys exhibiting a more calm and thoughtful attitude. They analyze things better, taking into account all the outcomes before making a decision.

Clear Goals

As implied in one of the reasons, most older guys know where they’re going. They normally don’t have these doubts that young men have. And if they do, with determination they just push forward.


If there’s something that an older guy has is experience. They have gone through diverse life situations that have become learning experiences, making them stronger and more qualified to solving problems.

You’ll find more traits in the video below and see how they make women feel attracted to olden men:

Percentage of young women dating older guys

Women are dating more older guys during the last years. That uptrend seen to be maintaining in the future. The graphic below shows that women have been willing to date men even 10 years older.

dating older people survey
Data curated from

This tendency is noticed on millennial women. Each day they’re more inclined to go for older guys. They are attracted to the possibility of a stable life with all the benefits it brings.

Financial situation also plays an important key role. New generations perceive as years goes by that purchasing power decreases every day. Meanwhile older generation already had the stability that millennials want.

Red flags when dating older guys

As stated, not all older guys are a good match. Actually, some of them can be as immature as young men.

Share the bill

Money, though it should not determine the success of a relationship, is still important. If he asked you to share the bill, he probably don’t have stable job or any.

It’s nowadays somehow normal to share the bills, but an older guy is a gentleman, and he would prefer to pay. It’s a matter of chivalry seen in older men.

Family dependency

If you notice during the date that he calls his parents or another relative for no good reason at all, he’s still either emotionally or even financially dependent on them.

Keep most of his life secret

If he refrains or suddenly stops talking about certain things in his life during conversations, something could be fishy. He probably has a girlfriend or is married. And trust me, you don’t want to date a married man. Be alert and find out what he’s hiding!

Drink a lot

Most men like to drink. But there’s a big different between drinking on special occasions and drinking like a fish. You don’t want to end up forming a relationship with an unrestrained alcoholic.

No future plans

A man with no future plans is an unprepared man. We must not be obsessed with the future because there are things that are not under our control, but we must not leave it to luck either.

Low self esteem

You have to be very careful with low self esteem men. They’re pessimistic and always see the sad part of life. They sometime make excuse out of reality, but it’s just a blank justification to avoid facing problems and finding solutions.

Naturally, there are cases when an older man gets depressed due to something bad happening in his life, maybe a tragedy. But you have to be very observant to find out the real cause.

3 Things to know before dating an older guy?

If this is the first time you’re going to date an older man, there are some things you have to do.

  • Dress like a lady.
  • Show up on time.
  • Let him know if you’ll be late or can’t assist.

Let’s review them:

Dress well

You’re now going to date an experienced and wiser man. Show him that you are worthy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to don the best gown you have in the closet, but make sure to dress like a lady.

Be on time

If you both arrange to meet in the date place, try to be on time. He won’t get too mad if you’re late. He will understand, but if you want to show him that you’re flattered that he asked you out, a good way to demonstrate is to arrive on time.

Communicate if an emergency comes up

An older guy expects responsibility from the woman he likes. If an emergency happens, and you cannot to go or cannot make it on time, let him know. A call or simple text message is enough. He will appreciate it and even offer help if you need it.

How to have successful date with an older guy?

Now, you get to a point of no return. Your date is around the corner. And you know that this date is different. So, here are some useful tips to guarantee a good date:

Don’t act childish

He can value you, but that doesn’t mean that he will stand any immature behavior. Possessive actitudes and unfounded tantrums will put him off quickly.

Be yourself but act as an adult.

Engage in the conversation

Find common interest. An older guy wants to listen to the woman he likes and have his points be debated. This nurtures conversation and let him know that you have your own points of views.

Be direct

Older men prefer to get straight to the point. Pay him with the same courtesy. Declare your honest intentions because he will do the same.

But don’t be aggressive. Rudeness will not be taken gladly and make him feel really uncomfortable.

Take the initiative

Personality overweighs age. Take the initiative if he doesn’t. This includes conversation topics and proposals. He can give you room to suggest to go a place you want.

Respect his past

He probably had other relationships that did not end well or was married once and have children now. You can ask about that part of his life, but don’t judge him harshly. Whatever happened, there is still time for deep dive in those details.

There are other ways that can make your date more enjoyable but I don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of tips. Just try to have fun and remember to act like a lady.


Do girls like older guys?

Yes, not all of them, but a good percentage does. However, some girls just have platonic feelings towards men that are regularly fed by media.

So, they often like older guys that are famous; and in turn, unreachable.

What is the highest acceptable age gap?

In reality, there’s no acceptable age gap when it comes to adult females. That depends on them. On the other hand, young girls who still live with their parents won’t be allowed to date men ten or more years older.

Why do young women are attracted to older guys?

Experience is one of the major factors. Young women want to discover the world and what’s better way to do it if an experienced man take her by the hand.

Another reason is that older guys are typically financially well-off. They tend to have stable jobs or own businesses, which can comfortably provide for them and their girlfriends.

Are older guys more reliable?

Most of them are. Aside from certain exceptions, older guys already burned many stages of their lives, and are now more willing to establish a serious relationship.

Is it possible to establish a long term relationship with an older man?

Yes, as explained in the whole article, an older man is generally more reliable that younger man for a serious relationship and marriage.

Are parents fine to see their young daughters date older guys?

That depends on the age gap. If the gap is too big, say 10 years or more, most parents won’t allow it. If the age is under 5 years, they are more willing to accept it provided they know who the man is.


As you could see, there are many reasonable justifications to date older guys over younger ones. They are in most cases a better option for a serious relationship.

Of course, we cannot leave aside the exceptions. There are younger guys that already have a growth mindset. And there are also older guys that still live as teenagers.

Just remember that when you date an older guy, there’s a great chance he provides:

  • Stability (financial and emotional).
  • Experience.
  • Solving problem ability.
  • Love beyond romanticism.
  • Honest support.
  • And much more.

Naturally, each person has custom preferences and likes. And people make their decisions based on their own perceptions. So, what you find attractive in a man is no so for other women.