Can A Best Man Be Married?

Being picked up as the best man for a wedding is an honor. Those men considered for that role are among closest to the groom. But what happens when such honor is given to a married man? Can tradition accept a married man as the best man?

If you were selected for that position, and happen to be married, don’t get nervous, I’ll get to it right away.

Can a best man be married?

Yes, it’s very common to see a married man be picked as the best man. Frequently, the best man and one of the bridesmaids are a real couple. That also happens among the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

In fact, when the groom chooses more than one best man, they almost – if not all – tend to be the spouses of the bridesmaids.

Who gets to choose the best man?

The groom, always the groom! He chooses his best man from a close group formed by male family members and good friends. He normally chooses his best friend, someone loyal who’s always been around when the groom has needed him.

Of course, there could someone that could lobby for the role. And other people coming to the groom – to put it nicely – to ‘help him’ make the decision. But ultimately, it’s up to him.

How does he choose his best man?

For each groom is different. But mostly the best man is chosen based on a close bond to the groom. The best man should be the person that the groom blindly trusts.

He’s is the man that the groom knows thoroughly and respect deeply. Among the potential candidates are:

  • Brothers.
  • Fathers.
  • childhood friends.
  • Cousins.
  • Old friends that have been in contact.
  • Friends from work.

Why would they groom choose a married man as the best man?

Those men who are going to get married normally have friends or brothers that are also married. So, those people around probably have been witnesses of the timeline of the relationship. One close friend could even have contributed in some sort of way to nurture of relationship up to the wedding itself.

Of course, all depends on the groom and how comfortable he feels towards someone in special to be his best man. So, there are variables at play that determines who is selected.

Thus, no strict rules are applied. Normally, if you’re selected, it possibly has little to do whether you’re married or not. Now let’s see how each person involved see this panorama.

Groom perspective

The groom chooses someone he trusts. This is supposed to be maybe the most significant day of his life. So, he wants by his side someone he has shared precious moments.

The person selected is often seen with high regard by the groom. He could showcase a series of virtues and moral that have impress the groom, making him feeling proud having such a good man standing next to him at the wedding.

Also, we cannot rule out the possibility of the best man be a close friend who he has shared bond with. Most of this cases are seen in brothers. It’s pretty normal the groom selects his brother.

Married man perspective

When a married man is selected as the best man, he sees it as a honor. Being married is not first thought that comes to mind when he’s selected. It’s about the friendship, trust, and loyalty.

This is how a married man feels. Though he can think that he might think that his marital status influenced somehow in the selection, it’s all really comes down to the special friendship connection he has with the groom.

Best man vs groomsmen

There’s a clear difference between the best man and the groomsmen. The best man is the head of the groomsmen squad and has an active and leading role. He is not only in the ceremony to support the groom. His job starts before the wedding.

Bachelor party

It’s a custom that the best man organizes the bachelor party. He takes this task very seriously. And he is going to everything in his power to throw a party experience.


He also arranges the transportation of the groom and the groomsmen to the wedding. He could also manages the transportation of family members on the groom’s side.

Prewedding events

The best men is involved in certain activities, including the wedding rehearsal. He could also helped in the organization of the wedding. Sometimes he works as a part of a team to make sure the ceremony has all the details in place.

These are some of the responsibilities of the best man. We’ll see more about it when we discuss his duties.

How many groomsmen should I have?

There is no a rule of thumb, but at least you must have two groomsmen. There are weddings that show up to ten groomsmen. This commonly seen in large weddings.

There are cases where the amount of groomsmen surpass the logic like a wedding in Panama City with 57 groomsmen. This, of course, is a unique event. And it’s not set to be followed.

What’s clear is that people delve into when the time comes. Check out below how people comment on it at online communities:

Responsibilities of the best man

Be chosen as the best man comes with responsibilities. Here are some the common duties:

Formalwear process

As the best man you’re in charge of renting or buying the suits the groom and the groomsmen will wear. It is your responsibility to take the groom and the squad to see the tailor for the measurements.

Every detail about what suits you, the groom and groomsmen, has to be under your total control.


As stated, you need to arrange the transportation to the wedding. If the main ceremony is going to be held at a church, you also must do the necessary arrangements.

Lead the groomsmen pack

You’re not only there to be standing next to groom. You’re the leader of groomsmen. They need to guide them on how they should behave and do before and during the ceremony.

They will probably have questions and doubts. You should be very alert to jump in at an time and lead them.

Bachelor party organizer

An important event that should not be overlooked. You have to give the groom the best experience. Your duty is to find a suitable place (bar, house, etc.) and the transportation.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for everything. The bill can split among the attendees.

You also might face rejections from married men going to bachelor party due to the resilient idea that other women will be there too. If that’s the case, you need to be upfront with the attendees and tell them what type of bachelor party you’re organizing.

Active role in prewedding events

There are other things to do apart from taking care of detail on the groom’s side. You have to give a helping hand at the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Unofficial reception host

You must be active at the reception. If this is a large wedding, they will need your help by guiding people finding their seat and making sure everyone is having a great time.

Manage some details after the wedding party

You might help to keep the gifts in cash until the newlyweds return from the honeymoon. You also have to make sure that the staff (waiters, cookers, security personal, so on) working at the wedding party receives their pay and tips.


The best man speech is a tradition. You cannot come to the reception without anything prepared. Improvisation may not go well. Something unhinged can be slipped out of your mouth, and boom! you screw it up.

So, to save yourself from your own humiliation, below are some great tips on how give good best man speech:

Support the groom

Of course, he picks you because he trusts you. You’re loyal and are his best friend. He takes you in high consideration, and if anything happens, he will rely on you.


What is a best man called if he is married

It is called the man of honor. However, nowadays he is just referred as the best man.

Can you be a groomsman If you’re married?

There used to be a time when the groomsmen and bridesmaids had to be married, but not anymore. You can choose anyone regardless his marital status.

Is the groom’s father usually the best man?

Not usually, but it’s not a surprise that the groom chooses his own father. Father and son relationship can be so powerful and loving that having the father as the best man is real honor for the father and a blessing for the son.

Can you have 2 best men?

Sure, you can choose 2 or even 3. There are cases where the grooms wants to make bond tighter that he choose more than one friend because he want them to feel part of union.

What’s the average amount of groomsmen?

The average is 3-5 groomsmen. At least you should have 2. However, it’s your wedding! So if you like to increase the number, do as you please.


As you could see, not matter if someone is single or married, he can perfectly fit the shoes of the best man. The groom don’t take into account the marital status.

What is important to him is to choose someone he trusts and values. So, if you receive the honor, remember the responsibilities that come with it:

  • Formalwear process.
  • Transportation.
  • Lead the groomsmen pack.
  • Be the bachelor party organizer.
  • Be active in prewedding events.
  • Unofficial reception host.
  • Manage some details after the wedding party.
  • Speech.
  • Support the groom.

One more important thing, if you’re married, you can take the opportunity to advise the groom. You have experience. He will take it gladly, and thank you for it.