Why Do So Many People Struggle With A Lack Of Faith?

There have always been people who lack faith. They go through many problems and moments of suffering because of it. And if you are one of these people, know that you are not the only one.

One of the traits of being humans is that we are vulnerable and susceptible to losing hope. In the face of difficulties, we tend to be negative and fall apart because embracing faith is a hard process. It’s something that manifests when you start connecting with God.

In this article, in addition to delving into the reasons why so many people struggle with a lack of faith, we’ll also give you some helpful tips to increase your faith in God.

Why do so many people struggle with a lack of faith?

Today people struggle with faith because they’ve become so materialistic. Their minds prefer to look for evidence, tangible proof, rather than placing their trust in something they don’t see or feel.

That’s why they refuse to believe. Also, consider that faith is a state that uses intuition and gut feelings. And when people get something wrong, their faith wanes.

As a consequence, many people turn to science in the hope of finding answers. What they don’t know is that science bases its assessments on things that are perceived by our senses.

On the other hand, science doesn’t take into account things that might exist, and we haven’t discovered them yet! This is the limit of science. It cannot go beyond any tangible evidence.

As for faith, you must know that it will always be there inside of you. Most of the time it’s behind doubts and fears. But you have it because it’s one of the gifts from God.

Watch the video below and see that faith, even when you think you have lost it, is actually in you.

Science vs Religion

First of all, there should not be a war between science and Religion. As stated, science evaluates the things that we are sure already exist while religion takes on things that are yet unknown to us.

When we talk about science, we understand that it’s a fundamental part of everything in this universe. There are things in the world that we have to analyze critically, using our reason. But it doesn’t mean we cannot accept that there is someone superior who has power over everything in this world.

For better or worse, there’s a source of energy behind every particle. Things are born while others die. It’s an endless cycle. And we have to acknowledge that there’s something that keeps everything running.

Which factors contribute to the loss of faith?

In difficult situations, people usually get frustrated because they don’t find the answers to their problems. It’s very hard for them to believe in something when terrible things happen and nobody intervenes.

As some people get older, the idea of being left alone takes root in their minds, powdering the threads of faith. All their harsh experiences in this life tell them that seeking divine help is meaningless and worthless.

But that’s a problem. They’re looking for divine help instead of divine guidance. And such confusion is fueled by different factors. Let’s see some of them below:

Personal experiences

Any traumatic event changes our perceptions of the world. What we believe today can be crushed in an instant if something bad happens to us. Of course, there are people strong enough to maintain their faith. But we, as humans, are weak and easily vulnerable.

And instead of grappling with faith to remain strong, we let our emotions run over us, dictating our actions and sometimes changing our beliefs.

The same thing happens to some people who once had a strong faith, but due to their personal experiences, their faith wavered until they didn’t believe anymore. Oftentimes, people wonder why God doesn’t bless them even when they really believe in Him.

World’s problems

What has been happening in the world also takes its toll on us even if we are indifferent. Although we are unaware of it, we absorb everything bad that happens on Earth. That slowly weakens us, hitting our faith, and making us doubt if there is hope.

We’ve been seeing progress in fields like technology, but along with that, we’ve witnessed how cynical and apathetic the world has become. People are mean to each other, always looking for how to take advantage of others without any consequences.

This is how some people little by little lose faith not in God but in people since they do not see in them a trace of hope that makes them keep faith up.


It is horrible when we or our relatives suffer from terrible diseases. Sometimes we see people we love so deeply consumed by some disease. And our prayers are not answered. We feel ignored, alone in this world, and overwhelmed by helplessness.

When our demands are not met, the human conscience does some cleaning, discarding what does not make sense. This is how we cloud our faith, making us more analytical and very skeptical.

Consequences of Unbelief in God

Your life goes aimlessly when you lack faith. This is a disadvantage when we have to face challenges. That is why many people collapse easily. Some of the consequences are noticeable in behavior:

  • Cynicism: People become so skeptical, labeling everything as superfluous.
  • Hate: This feeling dictates our actions.
  • Hopelessness: Difficult situations are taken as defeats.
  • Depression: People break down easily and go into a phase of self-destruction.
  • Doubts: Everything around becomes dubious, expecting and embracing the worst scenario.
  • Excesses: People submit themselves into a pit of vices, propelling them to sin.
  • Unrestrained behavior: Nothing has limits. People succumb to temptation and give free rein to all their impulses.
  • Disbelief: Disbelief is a primal reaction to anything beyond our comprehension.
  • Indiscipline: People don’t follow the teaching of Christ, and disobey God.
  • Abandonment: People are unable to know when something is a sin, making them easy prey to Satan.

How to increase your faith in God

When things get complicated, faith is what keeps you going. It’s not easy because most people tend to collapse quickly. But there are practical ways to increase your faith:

1. Meditate and pray in silence

These are two powerful weapons. It makes you get in touch with yourself. It’s that inner voice where God resides. When you do this, you stop all the noise (distractions that are part of your daily life) around you.

You must take time to be with God and meditate on what you have to say to him. Just you and him. It could be in the morning right after you wake up or before going to bed.

2. Embrace the bible

It doesn’t mean that you have to become a bible thumper. But you must study the bible and know its teachings. Remember that wisdom is essential to make good decisions.

Keep in mind that there’s no better book than the bible. It gives you hope to fortify your faith.

3. Go to the church

You have to find ways to listen to the scriptures. And one of them is going to church. It revitalizes you. Hearing the mass especially when it is given in Latin is very unique. It connects you with that energy (spirit) which is essential to establish the bond with God. That is why we say that hearing the word of God boosts our faith in Christ.

Over the years, there has been an increase in church attendance, especially among the youth. They are hooked on listening to the mass in Latin.

Also, there’s no doubt that when you are inside a church, you feel different. It’s difficult to explain it, but somehow it feels like you’re not alone. There’s this good presence around that you feel comfortable with.

Much of it is because the church is a place, where all the prayers create this positive energy that produces a warm and comfortable environment.

4. Let God guide you

If you really want to increase and fortify your faith, you must be willing to obey God’s will and accept Jesus as your savior. Many times we want to do God’s will but we don’t want God to change us or our environment.

So, we must strip off of our pride, be humble, and let ourselves be guided by God. When you let God enter your life, you are born again in the spirit.

And if we allow ourselves to be guided and led by Christ, surely our vocabulary and thoughts will be like those of Christ.

Also, keep in mind to love without conditions, forgive without resistance, correct with humility, help the needy, lead your marriage according to the Bible, and transmit the faith to your children. These practices are spiritual exercises that help mature faith.

5. Always thank God

It’s a divine mandate to thank God. Never forget that. Honor his greatness for everything he has created and has given you.

When you do this, you acknowledge God as the creator and Jesus as the king. The one you must follow. This gives you a purpose. And God will reward you by filling your heart with hope. He will shelter you in his divine love. He will wrap you in his mercy and guide you on the right path.

6. Surround yourself with people that have faith

It’s wise to rely on spiritual people when we need guidance for those days when we do not see the light of Christ. In times of crisis, you must consult with people with a strong faith in God.

Be around believers. At the church, you can find people with enormous faith. Most of these people follow the teachings of Christ and obey the will of God. They are always receptive to helping others who have doubts or who have lost hope.

7. Read and watch Christian movies

This will fortify your beliefs and increase your faith. It will also teach you about Jesus and other important figures. And it’s fundamental to know about everything these people have gone through. Their experiences produce faith because they fill us with wisdom and Love for God.

So, soak up everything you can find about the life of Christ, his disciples, and the prophets of Christianity. You can also learn about the catholic doctrine. Watch movies about Jesus Christ. There are many versions with their own take, but telling the same story. Watch them all!

What to do to keep my faith up

Once you have increased your faith, you also want to keep it up, right? Because sometimes our faith can get hit, and doubt invades us. But remember that faith is also about believing even though things seem to fall apart. And if they do fall apart, embrace your faith. You’ll be alright.

And you why?

Because things must take their own course, sometimes you have to let all fall into their own place without worrying too much since it’s God’s will, not yours.

Meanwhile, there are things that you can do to keep your faith up. These things will have a great impact on you:

  • Build a close relationship with Jesus. Love him deeply.
  • Go to a spiritual retreat if you need it. They are good when you feel stressed.
  • Use positive phrases. Words that include God and Jesus have power.
  • Always be persistent. Faith requires time, and a constant communion with Jesus, and God the Creator.
  • Let God run everything. Trust him. He knows when and how.
  • Write what comes from within your heart. That voice is the voice of God speaking to you.

Quotes that increase your faith in god

Here are 10 great quotes that will increase your faith and lift you:

Even if I don’t see it, I believe in the power of God.


In middle of the storm, I find shelter in God.


In each critical moment, I trust God has a purpose.


Through a prayer, I feel the sweet presence of God.


in moments of loneliness, I know God is always by my side.


These tests are opportunities to demonstrate my faith in God.


Faith in God gives me strength to face any challenge.


In the dark, I find the faith’s light in God.


In every blessing, I see the loving hand of God at work in my life.


Faith in God is my unbreakable rock in a changing world.



Is it normal to struggle with faith?

Yes, it is. And there’s no shame in it. It can happen to anyone because we’re humans with flaws. The important thing is to never stray from the path of God. He can give us strength during moments of weakness.

What causes a lack of faith?

There are several causes. It depends on each individual’s strength, maturity, experiences, and perceptions. All these factors contribute a lot to a lack of faith.

What will happen if there is no faith?

You won’t function to your full capacity. Your potential is very limited. There are also other consequences in terms of behavior and attitude. You become bitter, resentful, depressed, and display a sense of nihilism.

Why Faith Is Not Enough?

Though faith is important, it has no value if our faith is not in Jesus Christ and God. When you put your faith in the creator and his son, you recognize them and give them all the glory.

Should we help people who lack faith?

Certainly, when we follow God’s commands we can help people that are lost. It is a moral duty, especially when they ask for help. There is nothing more rewarding than helping other people to move forward.


We live in a world where it is easy to lose hope, which leads us away from God. And despite all the changes at different times, faith is essential to not give up at critical moments and to always be in contact with the creator.

If you feel that your faith is diminishing, apply the tips we have described:

  • Practice meditation and pray in silence.
  • Study the bible.
  • Go to church on Sundays or when you’re feeling down.
  • Let God be your guide.
  • Thank God for everything good that happens to you.
  • Be around with people who share your faith.
  • Take advantage of Christian books and movies at your disposal.

And just keep in mind that your faith is the way to be in contact with God. Though it’s not tangible like all the material things we own, it’s a driving force that keeps you moving forward.

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