Is Lack Of Faith A Sin?

Everyone at any point in their life go through a phase when they think their faith is not strong enough. That’s the moment when you fear that you’re sinning.

Some people get little anxious while others, more devoted, see it as a frightening experience.

To calm you down, we’re going to answer this question in simple terms and we’re going to describe what is behind this fear. In the same way, we’ll detail some steps to maintain yourself away from sin.

Is lack of faith a sin?

No. Lack of faith is not a sin because you’re not rejecting of God’s will. You’re just confused. You’re filled with doubts and don’t see clearly. That’s what leads you to believe that you’re committing a sin.

As we said in our article: why many people struggle with a lack of faith, nowadays some people think that they have lost faith, but what they don’t realize is that faith is a gift from God which is already in you.

So, when it comes to sin, keep in mind that sin is what makes you reject God’s will. Pride is one good example because It’s the beginning of every other sin. Actually, pride was the very first sin, for both angels and man.

Why do people think lack of faith is a sin?

Confusion not only makes us doubtful, and also leads us to wrong conclusions. We tend to think that if doubt distances us from God, but this is just one of the many stones that are in our way.

In addition, the human being’s psyche tends to adopt pessimism, bringing with it all the bad consequences that may occur. Here’s when we think of our Father as a punishing God.

However, people get it wrong, because as stated, we commit sin when we outright reject God’s will in all its forms.

What does the bible say about lack of faith?

Life is tough. Having faith in God and Jesus Christ can help you overcome terrible situations. The bible talks a lot about faith: what is it? How it works, how to develop it and how it blesses our lives.

In this section, we’re going to highlight a very important passage in the bible where you can see that faith is essential to receive guidance and relief.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

It’s pretty clear what this entails. Those who recognize God as the creator, those who love him and live by his word, are the ones who are going to see the right answers.

You’re lost when you walk away from him, when you think that you don’t need him. God just wants you to find him and love him so that he can give you the tools to face all your challenges and difficult situations.

It’s an active process that requires engagement from your part because even though many people believe in God, they don’t put their faith in him.

So, it’s convenient to pause for a second and ponder if your faith is real. In the video below, you will see how this point is discussed:

How to get away from sin

You have to change direction to eradicate everything that is going wrong in your life. But all change is hard. We tend to plunge into sin instead of sinning no more because we are weak.

However, there are ways to fill ourselves with strength and dedication.

The following steps, if you put them in practice, will help you overcome sin and start living a new life under the grace of God:

1. Commit

You have to commit yourself to make changes. Many people fail because they don’t have the will. They don’t invest their time and effort.

Some people usually say “I will do it. I will overcome this problem,” but then those end up being empty words because they do not have the necessary will to do what is required. When you really want to do something, there’s nothing standing in your way.

These queries are rarely asked by many people. It shows how lost they are, and how little self-critical they are about really admitting the cause of their weakness.

2. Identify our sins

It’s painful to recognize our flaws. Pride is a strong vice that doesn’t let us humble down. It’s rather easier when someone point out our flaws than to do it ourselves. But if we really want to change, we must be self-critical and identify our sins.

When we pray, we can ask God help us see clearly our mistakes. If we ask him to show us our sins, he’ll do it. But we have to be prepared because seeing our sins can be really tough.

And if we forget that we have asked God for guidance, we might overlook what we see instead of learning from our sins so that we can find ways to overcome them.

We also need to identify the root of the sin. Why do we think that way? What really makes us say those words?

Commonly the reasons are:

  • Pride.
  • Hate.
  • Envy.
  • Greed.

There are others, of course, but whatever the reason is, if we just eradicate the external appearance of the sin without purging the fundamental and underlying reason, we will never overcome our sins.

So, look deep into yourself and find the cause that makes you sin.

3. Remove what leads you to sin

There are things that create a path to sin as we stated. And we have to remove them completely from our life and replace them with love.

Love is the mean to everything. God is Love! You have to learn and understand the law of the spirit. God’s words reveal what we have to do. We don’t need anything else.

And when we act upon it, we can find the guidance we always long for. That’s the way to stay away from sin.

4. Live by God’s will

Many times people preach the word of God, but only few live by it. We know that it’s difficult since we are humans. And as such, we’re weak, with many flaws, easy to give up when we face challenges.

But praying in silence like a form of meditation with the sole purpose of connecting with God can help you find the proper answer to any challenging situation.

This way of mediation prepares our mind to respond just how we should. It’s a great tool to achieve spiritual growth because we are asking God to illuminate the right thoughts in our mind

Most thoughts in our mind are lies. They are fake since we’re exposed to vices that poison our mind, making it a machine that spew false conclusions.

But all the thoughts that come from the spirit are true. They’re devine. It comes from God who resides inside of you.

5. Ask God to guide you

When you’re looking for answers, ask God. There are specific sins that people are more likely to fall into. So, pray in silence and ask God to clean your mind.

Ask him to send you the correct answer and dispel doubts and pessimism from your mind. But remember that in order to be contact with him, you must be committed to living his way of life.

6. Purify your way of living

Changing our way of life doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time to develop healthy habits under Christian mandates. But you need to start replacing your old wrong habits with new and godly ways of living. This is fundamental to really change your life!

Through the Spirit, God sends his power. It grow inside of us. And if we’re open to receive it, this power will continue growing as we use it by living justly.

Let’s remember the words from Paul:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.

7. Do not give up

You never have to give up. Even when you think that your faith is wavering, always look for God’s help. If you push forward with all your heart, sin will be replaced. And most importantly, evil will be defeated.

Remember that God is always by your side during your fight. You’re not alone. He’s there around your successes and struggles… he’s everywhere!


This topic is very popular. People experience that lack of faith themselves and also see it in others. As such, this leads to more interesting questions. Below are some of them:

What is lack of faith?

Lack of faith is when someone rejects believing in something. In terms of Christianity, it involves not recognizing God as the creator and Jesus Christ as his son due to doubts that cloud your head.

Is Losing Faith A Sin?

You don’t lose faith. You will always have it in your heart. It’s just covered under mountains of doubts, fears, pride, incredulity, arrogance, and similar vices.

What is a person with no faith called?

It’s called an atheist. But this point of ‘no faith’ is contradictory because atheists, whether they admit it or not, have faith. They problem is that they don’t put their faith in God and Jesus Christ.

Where do you get faith from?

You get it from inside of you. God lives there. You just have to clear your minds from speculative thoughts, meditate and pray in silence.

Can I ask God to increase my faith?

You can ask God to give you strength and guidance. Remember that faith is inside of you. But it’s usually outweigh by doubt. Of course, if you follow and worship god, your connection will become stronger, increasing your faith in the process.


Lack of faith is definitely not a sin. Doubts are what make us think that we don’t have faith at all, and therefore, we are sinning. But we’re not. It’s just the weakness of our being for not living under God’s decrees.

Keep in mind our recommendations to get away from sin:

  • Commit to change.
  • Identify and recognize your sins.
  • Eradicate the cause of the sin.
  • Abide by God’s will.
  • Let God guide you.
  • Start living as Jesus mandates.
  • Never give up. Remember that God will always be there for you.

Also, remember to never reject God even when you think that everything is bad and nothing makes sense. You always have to put your faith in God and Jesus.